Hi, I'm Mequa, and I'm an iconoclast. :)

Excuse my somewhat blunt introduction. I'm an independent thinker, atheist, and fan of critical thought, hailing from England. I despise bigotry, petty bullying and authoritarianism, along with backstabbing, and value genuine individualism, loyalty, integrity and thoughtfulness.

My primary philosophical influences include Epicurus, David Hume, Charles Darwin and Friedrich Nietzsche. I was quite heavily involved in LaVeyan Satanism in my younger years, after having escaped from hardcore Christianity in the form of Jehovah's Witnesses in my teens and Evangelicalism at my short stay at university.

I'm not a fan of religiously-motivated or politically-motivated bigotry, or prejudice against those who don't fit the mainstream standards of "normality", and I utterly abhor highschool-esque social dynamics and cliquishness, including petty cyberbullying - especially among adults who should really know better.

I lean quite classical Epicurean in terms of ethics, with some Nietzschean influences. I'm in touch with a few Epicurean revivalists including some in today's Athens, where they re-started a Garden of Epicurus back in 2008 with 3 founding members, which now has 20 active members. Some interesting people there, but often a bit too dogmatic for my tastes, although I count some as personal friends (however much that concept applies over the Internet).

I'm not really politically involved, but I tend to favour the (European) radical centre over the political Left and Right. (American politics tends to scare me with its unthinking dogmatism, especially the Right-Libertarians and Republicans!) I resent attempts of others to push me into joining their causes.

I'm not a fan of most Feminism and am passionate about the rights of oppressed males. Mutually informed consent (as opposed to the exploitation of uninformed consent) in sexuality is something I'm particularly passionate about, and see the enormous harm which can be done by thoughtlessly participating in sex without respect, treating the other (of either gender) as a mere object for entertainment without concern for their personal boundaries or well-being - or shifting the blame (victim-blaming) after thoughtlessly causing psychological harm. Not something I'm exactly a bastion of toleration towards.

I'm a voracious autodidact and proud introvert, and enjoy reading, writing and thinking about various issues. I'm not a fan of popular television, most pop music, mindless consumerism, media dronage or social drinking and partying, or attempting to fit in and conform with a herd. Nor of peer pressure.

I'm looking for like-minded individuals to connect with, who can at least respect nonconformism without attempting to shoehorn me into their personal value system, without asking me to take their personal values and make them my own. I have little tolerance for being treated disrespectfully or abusively.

I have a personal blog in progress, which can be found here, containing some of my uncensored thoughts: http://mequa.wordpress.com/

This, I hope, would prove a satisfactory introduction.



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Welcome! Our Epicurean group here is:


and of course societyofepicurus.com is the Society of Epicurus' homepage, newepicurean.com and elementalepicureanism.com are alternative pages.


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