I just want to introduce myself. My name is Tammy. I'm an atheist from a little town in southwest Washington known as Vantucky, oh I mean Vancouver (not Canada). I feel I'm surrounded by religious people and churches. Is every place like that? Anyway I found this place when I did a Google search looking for local atheist communities and noticed there are people here from Vancouver also. I'm not alone!

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It's nice to find people in this town that aren't super christian. I thought me, my husband and my son were the only ones. I've lived here since I was 8 years old. Originally from Yakima. My husband is from Portland. He's been living here in Vancouver for about 14, 15 years now. I'm not sure he likes it much, but he's not interested in moving back to Portland either.
Hi Tammy. Thisbe is being remiss in her duties as host of the event. Some of us get together once a month at BJ's Brewery on Hayden Island. You should drop by if you're feeling too overwhelmed by religiosity.
Welcome to A/N. I remember what it was like back in the day growing up in Longview WA. I was hoping it had gotten better. Anyhow, welcome aboard.
It truly is a small world. I unfortunately did take the bait for a life at sea. I found joining the military was my only available option to escape that place. I was aware that some of the educators in my school were attempting to raise the standards but in my day the status quo was cranking out housewives and millworkers. I was always the weird kid who wanted to learn about science and history instead of getting drunk and playing football. I never accepted Longviews plans for my future either and escaped asap. It's good to see free thinkers making inroads in my old stomping grounds and hope that the youth of today can make positive changes to the prevailing mindset.
Hi Tammy,

I realize this posting is over a year old but I wanted to say hello to a fellow Vancouver (Vantucky, love it!) WA resident. It's so good to know that I'm not the only one who feels like this; there's literally a church at every corner! I'm attempting to balance that out by being here on A/N, so here's hoping it works! :)
I obviously did not realize that. Duh.
Hi yourself.

How does that work? Vancouver Canada has grown into Wa., like St. Louis has grown into Illinois? Or am I understanding this incorrectly?

Anyway welcome to the site.
Vancouver, WA, (Actually the first permanent settlement in the Northwest) came first, across from Portland. Vancouver, BC was a while later, named after Captain Vancouver.
VAncouver BC is another world 304 miles away.  I think it's like Hollywood California and Hollywood Illinois are not related.  Or Detroit Washington and Detroit Michigan.

It's all relative.  I live in Vancouver and enjoy my neighborhood and some of the places to go  True it's not San Francisco. 


As for Vantucky I assure anyone that it's not Kentucky.  I say that only as one who lived next door to Kentucky in Indiana for 5 years and one of the reasons I moved to the Northwest was to get as far away as possible. 


The meetup group is great.  It's definitely a way to feel not-alone.  Currently the meetup is at Round Table Pizza, which interestingly has only rectangular tables but does have pizza.

I agree with you 100%. Those who complain about Vancouver or Portland being too religious, maybe have never lived anywhere else. Having lived, like you, in Indiana (Evansville), Greenville SC (now THERE'S a place over-the-top with religious nuts), and Akron OH, I find Vancouver and Portland quite a nice reprieve when I visit there!

Thanks. I did not know that. I just looked it up and I can see now that instead of being on the Canadian border it is near the Oregon border, just outside of Portland apearently.




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