Hi everybody! I'm coffeycake. You can call me Katie, if you'd prefer, but coffeycake will do. I'm so happy to have found this site; everyone's been really nice so far.

Where to start... Well, I'm an English (Writing) and Secondary Education major. I'm going to be a senior in the fall, but won't graduate until December 2012 thanks to the whole changing-majors debacle.

(To any high schoolers reading: people tell you that it's absolutely fine to change your major once you get into school and that most people do it. This is true. What they don't tell you is that it will take you more than four years to finish if you do, and the later you change your major, the longer it will take. Even if you stay in the same school. They also don't tell you that those lovely scholarships you may receive REALLY DO run out after four years. Bear this in mind when choosing a college.)

I'm getting married within the next couple of years to my wonderful fiance. We have a cat named Odessa (the female form of Odysseus). She looks like a Rorschach test turned into a cat and is insane. We love her.

We're currently living in his mother's laundry/sewing room because getting an apartment is taking way longer than we thought. My (atheist and ordained online) father will be performing the ceremony, which will have exactly one mention of religion in it (a song we both love and represents the school we both went to).

I'm an atheist. Obviously, or I wouldn't be here. My fiance is an atheist as well. In fact, he's the one who showed me the hypocrisy of believing in one god (or any gods) and not believing in all of them. ("Yeah, your Abrahamic god is bullshit, but my ancient pagan deities? Totally legit.")

My fiance and I are thinking of moving to England after I graduate, partially due to how they treat atheists over here in the States. Our reasoning is that when you get flack from your own mother about not believing in any god, and at least one major news network seems to think it's okay to discriminate against you, it's time to re-evaluate where you're living. 

I'm an Irish citizen through my dad, so I'm already allowed to work anywhere in the UK (and EU), and we can get him a work visa (somehow). Any advice from people who live in England about where we should live is more than welcome. (If it helps, my fiance is in food service and is thinking of becoming a bartender over here.)

I like to write, I enjoy debating, and I never mind when people tell me that I'm misinformed on something. I like to learn new things, so if I'm wrong, that's obviously something I need to learn more about.

Thanks for sitting through this novel of an introduction. Everyone here has been so nice so far. I'm really glad I found this site.

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