I don't know if this will appear where I intended but - hey!

I've known about Atheist Nexus for some time because of The Friendly Atheist blog, but only signed up recently so I could report that I had crashed a survey.

I  live in Liverpool UK, have been an atheist since at least 1970 and have a memory of a radio interview with Shirley McLaine (actress) where she said something like "What are God's clothes made of? Who made them?"

I've been following the progress of US politics for some time and am very concerned that you may end up as a theocracy - someone tell me it won't happen!

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Theocracy gets more likely every day. Democracy has long gone, though most don't notice yet.

I feel a little more optimistic for our future. The fundies are loud and wield a lot of power in our political arena right now. But, more and more of us are coming out of the closet every day; thanks in no small part to the internet. It think many will be surprised by the numbers at the Reason Rally in March (OK, so that's more of a hope than a prediction)

We have an entire generation coming up that don't identify as atheist, but don't believe in religion and frankly don't care. I'll take apathy over religious devotion any day.

my opinion - the numbers of religious are dwindling, but those who remain are becoming more staunch.  those realities are setting up America for a serious culture war. 

Theocracy is only a real danger when our technological society collapses due to the end of cheap oil in a post-peak oil world.  Until then, we have the Internet to fight teh stoopid. 

Thanx for your replies.

I saw Jay Leno today say that Rick Perry had polled less than 1% - he couldn't even beat low fat milk; very encouraging!

Well, fascism goes with theocracy and it's all to familiar in the U.S.

in U.S. many hands.. foreign.. mess w/liberty tho see what happens.. 

Some might doubt that since capitalism can't quite function in a theocracy system. But anything is possible,  you know what people need!!!... "bread and circuses"  Juvenal, Ancient Rome (†130 AD.). 

que interesante'... i was thinking that lately. . . pointing towards failure of market systems due to basic erroneous belief /social sys...

"a theocracy - someone tell me it won't happen!" ~ Peter Cranny

Well, I guess it comes down to three possibilities:

  1. Calm before the storm
  2. Storm before the calm
  3. Status quo

3. Just because of the worldwide (U.S. incl.) population trend towards no religious adherence, I think we can (without complacency) dispense with #3 as being most improbable. In the unlikelihood of it actually being #3, …then we have to try harder.

2. If it's #2, …then we have to try harder.

1. If it's #1 …then we have to try harder.

My money's on #1

"…capitalism..." ~ Bizu Dana

Whoa! one irrational absolutism at a time….

how is that irrational absolutism??!?



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