Hi everyone,

Me in a nutshell:

> Atheist since 9 years old and been kind of a deist since

> Lost faith in religion and the deist in me 3 years ago.

> I am going to start sentences with "but".

> But I try to not annoy anyone with a lot of 1337 speak or spelingh mistakes

> I like futurama, hence the nickname.

> I like gaming, right now LoL, Sims3, and just started Flyff. Soon coming Diablo3.

> I like writing all kinds of things: in forums, my blogs, pen&paper games, stories, etc

Any questions? Let me know :)

Looking forward to interesting discussions.



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Greets and salutes, Leela.  Glad you joined us!

Welcome Leela. Glad you're here.

Thank you for the welcome :)

Hi Leela, I'm Stormi :) lol. Welcome to atheistnexus

Welcome to the site!

I love Futurama and I am a gamer myself.

Have lots of fun here!

Hello Leela and welcome.

Thanks for the wolcome everyone, Steph we're gonna be friends hah

Hi, I'm Leela, and welcome.

I like Futurama too, but we do not have television service where I live (so I am willing to sacrifice Futurama for the benefit of my brain).

Hulu has Futurama, I just checked and all you need is a computer.  I gave up cable service years ago and do not miss it for a minute.  Welcome Leela.

Welcome, Leela.  I will join you with the "Buts" and add in some "Ands."   If I didn't have spell check I would be annoying folks with my misspelled words.  Sometimes I can't even spell well enough to find the word in spell check.  Oh, well.  At my age you can be forgiven for a lot.  There is some compensation for getting older.

Welcome to the group.  You didn't say whether you have other non-theists around you; some here do but many do not.  Also, I don't know whether you are in an area where atheists are automatically considered the anti-christ, spawn of satan, and such.  I hope you're not.  I'm an avid reader; it seems many folks here are.  I personally prefer "humanist" to atheist; it demands more of the individual.  Feel free to chime in on any topic that catches your fancy.

but \/\/31<0/\/\3....




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