Hi everyone,

Me in a nutshell:

> Atheist since 9 years old and been kind of a deist since

> Lost faith in religion and the deist in me 3 years ago.

> I am going to start sentences with "but".

> But I try to not annoy anyone with a lot of 1337 speak or spelingh mistakes

> I like futurama, hence the nickname.

> I like gaming, right now LoL, Sims3, and just started Flyff. Soon coming Diablo3.

> I like writing all kinds of things: in forums, my blogs, pen&paper games, stories, etc

Any questions? Let me know :)

Looking forward to interesting discussions.



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Greets and salutes, Leela.  Glad you joined us!

Thank you for the welcome :)

Hi Leela, I'm Stormi :) lol. Welcome to atheistnexus

Welcome to the site!

I love Futurama and I am a gamer myself.

Have lots of fun here!

Hello Leela and welcome.

Thanks for the wolcome everyone, Steph we're gonna be friends hah

Hi, I'm Leela, and welcome.

I like Futurama too, but we do not have television service where I live (so I am willing to sacrifice Futurama for the benefit of my brain).

Hulu has Futurama, I just checked and all you need is a computer.  I gave up cable service years ago and do not miss it for a minute.  Welcome Leela.

Welcome, Leela.  I will join you with the "Buts" and add in some "Ands."   If I didn't have spell check I would be annoying folks with my misspelled words.  Sometimes I can't even spell well enough to find the word in spell check.  Oh, well.  At my age you can be forgiven for a lot.  There is some compensation for getting older.

Welcome to the group.  You didn't say whether you have other non-theists around you; some here do but many do not.  Also, I don't know whether you are in an area where atheists are automatically considered the anti-christ, spawn of satan, and such.  I hope you're not.  I'm an avid reader; it seems many folks here are.  I personally prefer "humanist" to atheist; it demands more of the individual.  Feel free to chime in on any topic that catches your fancy.

but \/\/31<0/\/\3....

hahaha 7|-|4|\| |< $ Jonathan :D

@ Jerry: My husband is very anti religion and became an atheist around the same time I did. But as we are currently living in Romania (just moved) we can not be outspoken about it because it is just as bad as in US with this. We won't be trusted anymore and all we do or say is evil...


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