Hello non-theists! I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school until just before highschool. Ironically, it was the Bible studies that got me interested in storytelling and history. I guess the combination of critical reading and historical perspective was too much for my parents' attempted indoctrination.
I love science fiction, fantasy, and religious studies (in essence I love fantastical stories).
Though I have a problem with any faith that promotes ignorance, my biggest complaints about religion are against the Abrahamic cults particularly the concept of the rapture/armageddon as a highly destructive belief. Don't get me wrong, I'm no scholar. I was in the Army for seven years and I do well-paying dirty jobs (construction, janitorial, you name it).
I'm really excited to finally have access to an online community that shares my foundation of belief in science and mankind.

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Hello Fred! Here here for scientific method!
I adore Greek/Roman Mythology! Been reading them since middle school. Great facinating stuff! I love that all of the gods are so incredibly human and flawed- they get mad, they make mistakes. It's all so good.
I've heard that the old Grimm Fairytails are pretty brutal but I still haven't read any. I shall look into it, sounds interesting.
Hey, I'm Dave, I went to Catholic schools, and my biggest complaint about religion is The Sick and Twisted Fantasy of Global Genocide too.

Welcome to A/N Dave!


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