Hi I'm Katie and I am sooo excited to see that there is an actual site like this. I'm from a small town and have never actually meet another atheist so I feel so much less alone knowing there are so many other people out there like me.

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Welcome Katie.
Welcome to the asylum.

Have you discovered the Atheist Experience TV show, which broadcasts on public access in Austin, TX? That might make you feel a little less alone. They get people calling in from all over the US, many of them stuck in podunk towns, like you.

You can pull up their archive off of their website, www.atheist-experience.com, or there are literally hundreds of clips from the show posted on YouTube, if you just search for "Atheist Experience". I could link you a few dozen of my favorite clips.
Thanks Soo much for welcoming me an i'll be sure to check out that Tv show.
Hi Katie,

Welcome to the Atheist | Nexus.
hi and thanks for the add :)
Welcome to the Nexus ^^
Welcome! It sounds so weird every time I hear someone say "never actually meet another atheist", as everyone I grew up with are, or at least have a deist view...

I must not live in Ohio. :)
Hi Katie. Welcome to A/N. I'm lucky I grew up and live in the semi-godless, liberal bastion known as Massachusetts. It's a part of this country that religion hardly ever comes up in any daily interactions. Meeting a deeply religious person is a rare exception here, not the rule like where you are. I almost feel cheated... no wait... I feel very fortunate.

Great to see a fellow Ohioan on the site! :) Welcome to the group, Katt. I am actually from Groveport, OH and have been to Utica quite a bit. If you ever want to discuss current issues in Ohio, or just vent to someone, feel free to message me. :)

For the record, I have never seen another Ohioan as an Atheist, but I notice there is one that lives near Columbus as well, other than yourself. Welcome to the club, and I look forwarding to friend'ing you on FB as well. ;)
Hey Katie, I have heard that in some areas of the States it can be rather hard to find fellow atheists. I am rather lucky to have grown up with so many, wont use the word rational, but more critical thinkers. My brother was a great inspiration with that, always enjoyed it when we got church door knockers. But was polite enough that one time he actually thought I was "interested" because I kept them talking. I was actually waiting for him to break and insist on ripping them a new one. It is kind of like watching a car race and you are just waiting for the explosion to come. I eventually sent them on their way because the explosion never happened. Very strange brother I have. Well, I seem to have gotten distracted and off topic. So, welcome. I am also rather new here, but am excited and ready to be as active as possible.
Reminds me of a few Mormons we had knocking on our door, this past weekend. My roommate is a Tendai Buddhist, and I'm a borderline Anti-theist. We love door-to-door Mormons and Jehova's Witnesses.

Or then there's my friend Kitt who is a religion/philosophy major and an Atheist. He usually starts converting right back at them, picking a random religion which he knows more about than they know of their own.
Another Ohio atheist here, I live in Lima. I had always thought I was alone until I discovered atheist organizations on the internet. It was such a great feeling to discover an online community that offered support and discussion. I have since found others in my area who feel the same way, and my sister has joined the ranks. Can't say I'm much of an activist, but I try to get the message out that those who don't believe in gods are not alone in the world.

Welcome, and enjoy your time here!




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