I should have probably introduced myself before I posted. I am an atheist even though I admit I would love to believe in a God.
I was raised Mormon, left at 19. Dabbled in various forms of spirituality most of my life.
About 4 years ago, I translated the Bible myself using base etymolgy and what I found left me with no doubt there is no God.
I have some brain damage. I have had TLE from birth due to trauma in utero. I only found out recently and it explained a lot, especially my hyper-religious tendancies most of my life. I am also hypergraphic. Later brain damage, several concusssions and an attack that caused oxygen deprivation for an undetermined amount of time, has left me with a few other quirks as well. Occasionally I write sideways, backwards, miss or double words and sometimes miss entire sentences. I try to read over my posts and correct things to the best of my ability. I have good days and bad days. I try not to post on my bad days. Another quirk that people on the site here have already encountered, I am a pathological truth teller. The onset of this was after a bad concussion and it's pretty much destroyed my life. People always say they want the truth, but seldom really do. It does'nt mean that I can't lie, it's just very painful for me to do so. I'd have to be in a life or death situation probably. It also means I have a compulsion to speak or write what I am thinking. This can be as annoying for me as it is for you. Ok well maybe it will be more annoying for you LOL. I apologise in advance for anyone I am sure I am going to offend. So that particular concussion I lost all of my musical abilties and gained pathological truth telling. Not a good trade LOL
The only option I have according to doctors is brain surgery and I am just not that brave. I have recently found a shrink who is confidant he can help through hypnosis to rewire myself a bit and overcome some of these quirks. I have to say, he is an impressive man and I do believe he can help my problems. It will take time, so please understand that I am working on it.
If something I say happens to anger you, please know that I never post with that intent. Just ask me to clarify and I will try to explain my intentions. I am quite used to people being angry at this point and I do understand. Just know that it is never my intent. I can get a bit miffed if someone uses the word "excuse" in regard to my condition however. I am doing everything humanly possible to try and correct this situation...ok well not the surgery. If I say something that angers you, please take time to take a breath and then calmly re-read my statement. If that does not solve the issue, then simply ask me to clarify. Thanks ! :)

My family is used to me. They describe me as a cross between "House" and " Dick Solomon" (thrird rock from the sun.) It was very difficult on them as my symptoms progressed, but we all laugh about it now and they make fun of me incessantly. I like that. it's the healthist way to deal with all of this. Feel free to make fun of my quirks, I know I do LOL...well if I don't get banned first. I won't hold against them if I do get banned, just promise me I can come back when I am rewired. Peace, Krystal

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So I take it you're not up for a game up poker then. On the other hand, I'd vote you into public office :)

I think it's great you're getting by the best you can with your disability. Cheers.
Thanks guys :) I would'nt bet on the poker... pun intended haha Another of my glitches are what they call "inappropriate emotional responses". Can be REALLY handy in poker muwuhahahaha, although I could be boned if I ever get accused of a crime I did'nt commit. That, fortunately I can control on the internet.
Hey, its all good. My name is Andre and I am bipolar. We may not be in the same boat, but we're certainly both on the choppy seas.
Hi Dre, good to meet you ! Bi polar can be tough. I have a daughter who is bi-polar. I adopted her when she was 17 and she's worked very hard since then to try and keep herself as stable as possible. She can be a hurricane at times LOL It's not easy for her, so I have an idea of what you have gone through in this respect. Choppy seas indeed !
...make fun of me incessantly. I like that. it's the healthist way to deal with all of this. Feel free to make fun of my quirks...

What a pain in the ass you are, Krystal.

Is that what you had in mind?

Sounds like you've had an extra helping of difficult experiences. Thanks for the background info.
Yes, exactly LOL A favorite of my family is " SHUT UP YOUZ !" hee hee and I get called retarded a lot. S'ok, I have names for all them too.

Yes, the TLE ( temporal lobe epilepsy )was tough because they did'nt catch it until recently. That is just bizarre to me because the symptoms are distinct. I was tossed aroun to psychiatrists for years over that when it was'nt a psych problem. Just seizures. Then the added concussions and oxygen deprivation..every time something happened I had to learn to deal with a new set of symptoms. It was the TLE that caused one of the major concussions. Trance walking ugh. Went down a flight of stairs. The hardest thing is getting people to understand. It's almost impossible when they have not experienced it. Unfortunately it's made me somewhat of a hermit, so you friends on the internet are the ones that get to put up with me ;)
I don't think anyone here will have any problem with that... :) welcome.
Reading your self-description... Damn. You sound like a model for what I'm looking for. Like, mate-wise.

Myself, I encounter bouts of right-hemisphere-lacking hyperliteralism and some occasional autistic-ish non-responsiveness (which of course is wholly justified per instance, as it is always due to a lack of a reason to respond). Me and a friend of mine who is a legit aspie are approximately the only people I've met who have really strong hyperliteralism and inoffendability with regard to those sorts of things. I'm sure there are others of that sort here, but I'll point myself out for you.

*holds up sign with glowing arrow "unable to be offended"*
Hi Peter and Jared,

I can get eh autistic non ewponsiveness as well. I'm leaving that last sentence as I wrote it. My brain is telling me to sleep. LOL I have to focus very intently on the keyboard right now. I skimmed your page jared and you are very intelligent. Someone I could'nt offend ? I can't even imagine that LOL Very cool indeed. I do have a boyfriend however. Ironically he's a christian hahaha Since I've become a moron, he suits me as he says "no matter what you say you still sound more intelligent than I do" LOL. He caters to my ego lost. he says he likes it when I "use them 9 penny words." That would be any word over 2 syllables. I could use an unoffendable friend however :)
Hi Sydni and Thinks4herself ! hey thanks for all the nice comments on my phtos sydni. yah, I'm pretty proud of the girls, but it was no picnic keeping the boys at bay. And yes..I do have ahuge veggie garden. Organic and heirloom !

Well thinks4, I am trying terribly to stay away from disussions that would warrant my having a true opinions LOL Not always successful but am trying. I'll try to be gentlr if we run into each other and disagree. My problem is my bluntness and...sometimes I just don't explain things well. Depends on the day.
Krystal most of us dame bramaged. You just have a really good reason..or two. We sooo glad to have you here!
You're so sweet Gecko ! LOL




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