As the title says Hi I'm new. I was lucky enough and found this site from Atheist News Podcast. I'm 45 years old and it has taken me some time to come to the point I don't believe in a "Higher Power" and believe it's all man made just to control people. I was raised Catholic and have studied many aspects of Religion. Because of where I live I keep my disbelief between me and my wife and kids. I'm happy my wife loves me enough to accept me as a "Born Again Disbeliever" I plan on checking out Atheist Nexus and the forums as I get time. In closing I wanted to say Hi all. Thanks and I'll see you around hopefully.

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Salutations! Welcome to Atheist Nexus :D
Hello and welcome!
Hi and Welcome. I'm 48, was raised Catholic and came to the conclusion it was all man-made around the same time I graduated from my catholic high school. Being an atheist and raising a family in the semi-godless, liberal bastion of Massachusetts is a lot easier than where you are. I think I live in a different country sometimes when I read the lunacy that comes out of the bible belt.




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