Good evening! I just joined this site today. My name is Tom. I am from Cincinnati, OH but am currently living in Charlotte, NC. I just graduated from Miami University (which is in Ohio) and am waiting to go to basic training in the Air Force (I leave February 2nd). I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and no job. I was raised without religion and when I eventually got the idea to figure out what religion was, I obviously turned to my religious friends and asked them about it. After attending their church services and youth group activities for a while (and feeling like an outsider the entire time), I decided that religion in general wasn't for me. I didn't understand how everyone else could believe in such far-fetched fairy tales. I explained it this way to my friends: I tried going to church and reading the Bible and attending other services, et cetera, but no matter what I said to myself or other people, I couldn't force myself to believe. So, I said, if any higher power wants me to believe in something I normally wouldn't, then that higher power will know what to do to make me believe and it's out of my hands. I only recently discovered Daylight Atheism and have been inspired that there are so many folks who don't seem crazy. It was the most recent post on there that got me here. So if you've stuck with me so far, I would love to get to know more nontheists aaand that's it, I guess.

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Welcome Tom!

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