my folks know that i don't believe in god. but alot of people i know don't in my mind for some reason i don't think they'd understand :( i told my buddyonce when younger and his older brother told me to leave, he even threatened me he promised he'd pull out a gun or something similar, he uses alot of slang and i dont feel right repeating it. you see i grew up in urban america a little city inside detroit and people did'nt like atheist and alot didn't even know what a atheist was. in certain situations is it okay to not state you're personal opinion on god without feeling ashamed of not telling the truth, problem is people will feel shame for me if i admit im a non-theist. now im also bi polar,depressed and well repressed which plays a big part in this i know....any answers would be nice, im just looking for some good opinions :) if you do answers my biggest thanks to you.

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I'm all about lying to save your skin. 

That said, it may help to meet up with some other atheists in your area. Try this:

Best of luck, hon. 

Greets and salutes, Mike!

There have been at least a couple discussions here on A|N about the issue of coming out.  My personal take remains what it has been from the get-go: that the process of coming out is PERSONAL, that your own comfort level must be respected first and foremost, and that whom you come out to, when and how, must be your determination and your choice.  Atheists remain the least trusted minority in the US, though at the same time we're among the fastest growing!

Two more addenda: 1) If you're going to be out, don't blink.  Be out and be proud of your association with atheism.  You have a right to your lack of belief as surely as the theists have a right to their belief.  You have no excuses to make.  2) If you need any help regarding navigating this site or with issues regarding atheism, please ask.  I'm no expert, but I will admit to knowing this and that, and I'm glad to help if I can and will admit to not knowing if I don't.  You'll find many others around A|N who will also be glad to fill in the blanks or steer you to material if you're curious.

Glad you fell in, Mike - do enjoy yourself here!

I'm out to some people in my family and not to others. Most of my friends know, but not all my co-workers. And I've been atheist for about 14 years or so. As Loren so wisely states, it's all about comfort level. I tell those people that I have a close relationship with, that I know aren't bothered about it. Yes it's easier and probably somewhat chicken-hearted, but I figure it's my own personal business and I'm not going to shove my atheism down someone's throat just as I don't want someone to shove their religious beliefs down mine. It's not even something that I think about on a daily basis anymore, it just is a part of who I am. If it comes up (like if I'm asked specifically), I will explain (something along the lines of "I don't believe in any god, there's no proof that I've seen, and there's no scientific necessity for one" and hope that helps enlighten without provoking...) Good luck with your journey!




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