well hello to you all, my names mike and im a pretty normal dude lol. im 23 and have been a atheist since about the 4th grade, i  grew up in a town calle hamtramck. whic is a litle ghetto in detroit, thats the main  reason i disagree with religion. we had muslims,catholics,baptist,hindu"s and everyone talked bad about each others faith behind closed doors of course. i was always different, whether how i think,look at things, music (metal and rockabilly) and how i dress. im also bi-polar so being in a urban enviorment really made things worse. im looking to talk to people i can relate to, not fully but on certain levels. i still live at home, im mostly a loner but am getting better and trying to meet people, for once have fun :). im not super smart, normal intelligence maybe a little below i don"t know. but what i do know is that god is a myth, a old scary story to convince people to follow strict laws for fear of a invisible type surveillance camera behind the clouds. if you would be kind send me a hello, so i don"t feel that out of place lol.

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Welcome, Mark!  I'm in Detroit, just outside of Hamtramck.  Did you attend public school there?  My sons attended a catholic school in Hamtramck until my older son graduated from 8th grade.  Then they both attended a byzantine school through high school...but were atheists by the time they hit 8th grade!  LOL

Welcome and enjoy yourself.  Lots of great people here :)

Hi, Michael.  I'd like to chime in with a welcome to you as well.  There are many groups for all types of interests, so I'm sure you'll find several here that you like.  In addition, the people on this site are great.  They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have been through every type of life experience possible, so I'm sure you'll be able to make friends quickly.  Like I said, there's a great group of people here and they are friendly, supportive and (best of all) rational!  Again, Welcome!   --Carl  

Hello Mike and welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy it here.

Mike, welcome.  i agree with Melinda that your intelligence may be higher than you suspect.  first, you were able to determine the myth in an environment where no one else seems to be able to.  second, your self-depricating style has been used by a lot of smart Jewish comedians for decades.  




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