I live in Raleigh, NC, with my husband and two of my three children (one is out on his own already--hooray!).

I enjoy reading Friendlyatheist everyday and followed a link from Hemant's site to here. Seems like my kinda place to be. Time to go poke around and see what's what!

Nice to meet everyone!

Yours in noodles,

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Welcome to A/N!

Poking around is encouraged here (as far as i know) so enjoy sticking your nose into some topics

May You be Blessed with Bolognese!
"(Continually) touched", "noodle", "appendage", that's way too many yucky words in a single sentence for me. Although I wouldn't mind being granted permission to bathe in the mythical volcano.
Hey there! We are from NC too. I live near Kitty Hawk. MY wife and I are also new to this site. When we lived near Raleigh we used to go to this Humanistic Jewish service over in Durham that was quite interesting. They mostly performed the ceremonies, stayed in touch with their Jewish roots, but did not believe in god. They would have teaching moments with the kids where they would celebrate things that humans have created and say things like, "see, we have no need for a god, we did this." It was quite cool.
Welcome. Feel free to poke around.

Hi, I've just started hanging around here, too. Nice to meet you.

AND ... I didn't know about FriendlyAtheist, so thanks so much for that link.




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