Thanks for excepting my member request. It's often lonely when you are surrounded by staunch Christians (two uncles and two cousins are confirmed Pentecostal ministers). The guy I've always considered my best friend is a young earth believer.
So I went looking for other atheists to talk too. They are more likely to have similar moral values and view of nature as well. So in my search I came across a request from one of the members that lived here in newfoundland. So I looked around the site and thought this would be a good place a meet my atheist friends.

I've been atheist for 12 years now, but have took the live and let live attitude. Of late though, current happenings, both political and natural, and the Christian response to it has made me even more lonely and wanting to be publicly atheist.

And so here I am. Are there many newfoundland atheists here? Any in central newfoundland?

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Hello, Jotham, and welcome to Atheist Nexus! We're glad you joined us. I can't speak to the number of Newfoundland atheists you might find around, but it's a safe bet they're out there. Even as the US has organizations like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and American Atheists, I'm sure Canada has similar organizations. It may just take a little looking to find them.

Meantime, please enjoy yourself here!

Hello fellow Canadian.......from BC however.

I have family in BC. Agnostic sister in the fraser valley, two Christian sisters and mother there. Brother in Williams lake.

Ha......I'm in Williams Lake!

Hi; glad you're here! (From a guy in the (hopefully temporarily) much less civilized neighbor to the south.)

The group "Canadian Atheists on Nexus" might be worth a look; posting anything, even adding a few words to the comment wall, will revive the group.

Hello, everyone! I'm Alex. I've been atheist for as long as I remember myself. Faith is not something my family is devoted to, so I was raised without any churches, any prayers etc. I always thought this is how all people live, but when I got older and got an access to internet I realized that I was not right. Right now, I am 27 years old and I am a devoted atheist as I simply do not understand the point of having a faith in some creature that is not alive. I work as a thesis writer and I had to do a work about differences in most popular religions and when I started my research I understood how churches are corrupted and that in 21st century there is basically no point in having a faith. This is my opinion and I will live with this opinion for the rest of my life. 

Hi, Alex, and welcome.

With so much content here, I found navigating the site a challenge. One way to do it is click on FORUM at the top to see some of the many topics and choose one that stirs your curiosity. Scroll down the screen and you can explore the discussion from either end. Cheers.




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