Hey everyone! Got on here from a suggestion from a friend. You peeps seem so smart on here.

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From where do they draw the conclusion that their god doesn't like it, anyway?  I've always thought that it just went hand-in-hand with the same oppressive, conservative mindset that leads to conservative Christianity, not through any sort of causal link.

 Let me reply in the long version. Yep.

Err, to which comment was that in response?  You fell across the page divide, at least for the time being, until someone responds to something earlier in the reply section.

Ah, I see, now that things have pushed over from additions to the first couple of pages.  Gotcha.

Welcome to Atheist Nexus, Gwen, glad to have you join us. 

Oh, we are smart. As you read more and more of our comments and observations you'll be able to tell which ones among us. Welcome!

Eh, you typically need something more formal for the more technical stuff, though.  The time of the Isaac Newtons who developed their own mathematics from nothing is long past.  The field has advanced beyond the ability of one person to contribute anything without many years of climbing up onto the existing foundation.  Modern science also requires a damned huge amount of money.

Modern pseudo-science--cosmology's Standard Model, aka the Big Bang--also requires a damned huge amount of money.

Particle accelerators come to mind, yeah.  CERN costs quite a bit to run.

The LHC, humankind's costliest research tool, fails every time.

In time it's funding will be cut.

What do you mean by it failing every time?


They've done some cool stuff with it.

I forget; what's your area of expertise?  I know we have plenty of biologists and physicists around here, but I can never keep straight who is who.

Joseph, at public press conferences rather than in the journals only their peers see, Bangers have three times claimed they found gravitational waves and one time claimed they found the Higgs boson. And of course they edited Wikipedia to add it.

Soon after each of their claims, non-Banger physicists report errors and Bangers acknowledge their errors.

Non-Banger physicists, having evidence, use professional journals and annual conferences of peers, not public press conferences or Wikipedia.

Stop believing Bangers' unsupported claims.




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