Hey everyone! Got on here from a suggestion from a friend. You peeps seem so smart on here.

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Welcome, Gwen.

I hiked often in the 1979s when I lived in Phoenix, including in the Superstition Mtns (without finding the Lost Dutchman gold mine), up Squaw Peak in Phoenix, and twice to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

I'm 86 and still walk but less than I did then. I occasionally ponder hiking up a ridge here in Napa County and don't care if no one finds my remains.

C'mon in and drop a few comments.

Hi, Gwen!  Glad you could join us.  There are discussions and friendly banter here on any topic you can imagine.  Feel free to chime in.  And of course feel free to bring up any subject you'd like.  Not everything here is about atheism.  Enjoy!

Welcome Gwen. Make yourself at home and chime in anytime you like. We are happy to have you.

Welcome, Gwen. Watch for them and you will find many lively discussions to join.

Welcome Gwen.  There are lots of topics discussed here on Atheist Nexus, pot for one.  My favorite subjects are Gardening, Food, Science, Movies, and Music.

Pot is my favorite subject. Thanks all for the kind welcomes.

Well, nationwide legalization coming in ... I don't know; what do you think?  5 or 6 years?

We'll have more consistent, reliable sourcing and varieties, along with professionally-made brownies.  We'll have a bit more of a discussion going then.

Hmm, funny that you call it pot.  I usually hear weed, nowadays.  Is that a regional thing, sort of like whether a particular region says either soda or pop or something else entirely?

I think it might be good to start an entire thread/conversation on marijuana. It's much like alcohol in many ways but much better medically. Theist seem to treat it like Satan poison and then after talking about how bad it is having a beer.  I used it legally in Colorado for about a year when I was in a bout of severe pain due to a broken foot and additional pain due to Ehlers-danlos syndrome. It did the trick. I worked my way back to health. I do not use it at all recreationally.  I would caution those who do to do it in moderation just like alcohol.  As far as a moral issue I believe it's very moral to help epileptic, those with stomach problems and chronic pain. To deny it to those who need it is wholly morally wrong, especially if some mythical God doesn't like it.

Thank you Idaho, I believe we should use it, not abuse it!

How does use differ from abuse?

Abuse/addiction is generally defined as when something takes over and interferes with your life, rather than being something that you do alongside of your normal life. There's chemical addiction as well, but that's different from the psychological addiction that is also talked about.

THC isn't chemically addictive, so you don't have to worry about that end of things.




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