Hey everyone! Got on here from a suggestion from a friend. You peeps seem so smart on here.

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As to those three disciplines, look for them in Wikipedia and the first three paragraphs in each will tell you much, including how they are used in practice. They start with algebra, and as you well know many generations of girls, including my youngest sister before fifth grade, were told they shouldn't be interested in that.
Mathematics and physics are integral to all kinds of engineering and my year in the Navy as a shipboard electrician was the first job I ever had that didn't bore me almost to suicide.
You studied statistics, didn't you? With accurate polling data for instance, you can conclude much about human behavior. As we now know, pollsters did not have accurate data in the recent elections.
Hi Gwen. Joseph is correct. We, most of us, jump in and out of conversations a lot. Sometimes when I'm reading I can't find the beginning of the thread.
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