Hey everyone! Got on here from a suggestion from a friend. You peeps seem so smart on here.

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John, for lots of education via You Tube clips, visit


It may be slow to load.

It appears the universe is expanding. As far as I know the "Big bang theory" has not riser to the level of being an actual theory. I do not know. I am not happy that I will never "know" but I can go on with my life quite happily with not knowing the answer. Theist love to jump in with the dishonest answer about this time that I have been honest. I know "therefore God" at least I will die with integrity.

I agree, Joseph, training in the skilled trades, in electronics, in health care, in law and law enforcement, and many other fields, a person needs to learn the principles and techniques of a discipline. Of course, apprenticeships offer valuable training, as does working beside a skilled practitioner. Formal education is not the only education sources of learning. With the high costs of formal education, low and middle-income families find it more difficult to save enough for formal education. We lose valuable people who have the aptitude but not the financial resources. Scholarships and grants offer help for some, but not for all who want and have the ability to learn. We simply can't afford to lose those people; 

Really, I'd consider an apprenticeship to be a form of formal training.  It's perhaps a bit less regimented than a college education, but it generally involves years of training by experienced professionals.

That sort of thing works pretty well in an applications-based role, yeah. Sometime there are a couple years of trade school, too, but there are fields in which even that isn't really necessary.

You are right, as far as formal apprenticeships go. My Dad was a master carpenter and he often had young men learning at his elbow; I call that a form of apprenticeship. There are so many ways of learning, some by print, some by lecture, some by watching, and there must be other ways as well. 

Yup.  The right form of training for a given job or area of knowledge can vary.  I've done some carpentry myself, although not well.

You get better by plugging in the lathe and then making stuff.  Then, the master/teacher who's watching over your shoulder tells you why your piece came out looking like crap ... or at least that was my experience.  I did much better at mechanical drafting.

There's obviously book-work on the different techniques, but the majority of the learning is in the application.

That is why some say that there will never be another Newton or Einstein.

John, in a story about the US Patent Office was an account of an attempt in the 1840s to close it because nothing more would be patented.

That's why I don't believe the "Somes" who say all kinds of stuff won't happen. It usually does happen.

You can never say that everybody says something therefore, only that some say. But, one can reference an article: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/why-there-will-nev...

I went to college and spent much time in its library. The education part worked better than the getting laid part.

Where did getting laid come into the conversation? Oh! A metaphor! Well, for electrical engineering, mathematics (deductive) and physics (inductive), I suppose these do require more than observation of a master craftsman or instruction by an experienced eye. 

How does one learn your disciplines and how are they used in the pragmatic world? I assume mathematics and physics are integral to electrical engineering.

Do these disciplines give any clues into human behavior, especially of the political kind? 


Joan, the words "getting laid" are not a metaphor. I wrote them into that reply when it immediately followed a post with a few words by Frank Zappa: "If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library." Backtrack up this thread far enough, past two lengthy exchanges and you will see the original.




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