My story is pretty boring compared to some of the recent introductions. My family belonged to a very liberal Unitarian Universalist church when I was a kid. I decided I was an atheist around the age of 9 or 10. I now live in Northern Virginia with my husband, Mark who is also an atheist. We recently realized that we do not know enough free-thinkers and decided to look for some. Mark found Beltway Atheists on meetup, and I found Atheist Nexus.

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Hi is it in Northern Virgina? I live in the Pacific Northwest so I barely give religion a thought though since there a bunch of churches about there must be a bunch of religious people. We're more reserved about those things here though...I could probably know someone for six months or more here before I ever knew their religion or lack thereof. It's kind of like talking about how much money you have. Not done.
Hi Amber,

I guess it depends on who you run into here, but I would say there are definitely people that are not so reserved about those things here. Most of the people I work with now hardly mention church or religion, unless you have a death in the family, or a pet die - then you get the typical, "their in a better place now" or something to that effect (yes, even for pets!). I used to work with a bunch of people that always talked about religion and god. This one woman would say that god was playing a trick on her whenever the printer would jam. Then you get the occasional "have a blessed day" greeting on an email. Outside of work, I don't think I run in to it too much, though I'm definitely not looking for it.
Welcome. Sounds remarkably like Julia and I... oh look, you're a redhead too... now that's just eerie.

Woah, artistic too... and you have two cats. You're just copying every aspect of us aren't you?
Julia is an animator, and me, well, I'm not.

Welcome to AN. I think you'll like it here... the sarcasm runs thick and the friends are plentiful.

My deepest sympathies to you for having to live in Virginia.
Hi Johnsky,

You aren't by any chance an electrical engineer are you? Mark is. I'm actually an accountant. I draw for fun, though I look forward to becoming an artist one day when I retire.

Sarcasm - I don't think I can deal with that.

Northern Virginia isn't so bad, minus the traffic, the politics, the humidity...I love that we're close to the city, but can still go hiking and kayaking, all within a 1/2 hour from hour house.

Do you live in Toronto? Out of the three Canadian cities Mark and I have gone to (Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver) we liked Toronto the best. There's so much to do there. Too bad it gets so cold there in the winter!

haha. I do have a sister, but she is agnostic and married. Thanks for the welcome Aaron.

I live in Fairfax and sometimes chat on the Beltway Atheists email list. Keep meaning to go to an event but I barely have time to do the dishes :)
Hi Josiah. Thanks for the welcome! I was quite surprised at how many events they have. We haven't found one that we can make it to yet. At the very least I think we'll go to the new member event in November.





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