A doctor doesn't believe in health. He just knows that his patient is ill and (although not always) knows the remedy against his sickness. It may sound arrogant but I can’t get rid of a feeling that I’m a little bit more healthier than many people around me. I’d be happy to cure them if I could.  But I'm a bad doctor - I don't have the remedy. Furthermore I don't really understand what physiological problems might be behind this mental disorder.

Should we follow Freud's practice and invite them all to come and lay on our enormous and confident couch of knowledge? They wouldn't come! In fact and this is what makes the problem even more tough, they don't at all think there is anything wrong with them. On the contrary they're more then sure that they are quite alright. They point at us instead and say this is we who have problems. They say about us that we don't have faith.

I don't have faith. I don't think I need it. I just want to understand, to know. I may guess, suspect, suppose but If my mental capacities are not enough faith wouldn't help. I also do not believe. I'm against believe of any kind. I think that believe can't be used as a measure of truth. It is very childish to believe in something especially if there are no evidence for it. This is exactly what religion does. It is in its core - uncorroborated, superstitious believe in miracles.

But do all those people who believe in something which nobody can prove is real indeed have a problem? Oh yes they do! And I'm going to present my arguments and ideas on this website.

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Thanks Mayokitty and sorry for my russian english!

Hi Roland,


Thank you for nice wards. I just got back from Brunei, Borneo (scientific expedition). Very interesting situation with the religion there. All supposed to be on the Islamic side but people I have talked too appeared to be antirel. Though they always lower they voices and looked around before they started speak ungodly. How hard is it in Costa Rica to stay clear of extra-terrestrial dictatorship :-) ?

Atheism…  I’m rather call myself agnostic or non believer.

It seems to me that in common sense atheism is viewed as believing in the absence of god. So in the end people are divided between two camps: those who believe in god and those who believe otherwise. IMHO both is wrong. One can’t argue god. To prove or disprove something you need arguments. There is none for god.

I just don’t believe. You need facts to be more or less certain about anything whatever it might be. In the absence of facts there is nothing to talk about. The question is how much of a fact are scriptures? This can be discussed. What do you think?




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