Yea so I've been an atheist for like 3 or 4 years now. I don't really have a big story for becoming an atheist. Religion for me always felt wrong to me, it was a bad feeling I just couldn't shake. I really didn't start exploring it until college.
I love to draw. I've done some atheist artwork myself. Although to me some of it is a bit childish. But anyway, I've recently been doing artwork through letters. Like the word truth, spelled with lies. I also did another one which I haven't scanned in yet, it was um the word thanksgiving, spelled with the words murdered natives. I mean what really got me thinking about the whole natives mistreatment (<---yeah very light wordage for the atrocities that occurred) was the corporate avengers song "Christians murdered the Indians". I mean I never really listened to rock before but that really struck a cord with me. But yeah, made me rethink Columbus day and thanksgiving

What else, I'm a constant seeker of knowledge. It's been my belief that I don't know anything about everything. That there's always something more to learn...



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Haha, I like the tag 'up'. :]
Welcome there Monica and I hope you enjoy this wonderful site!

That's a grand idea.... Mind if I run with your idea and make the word 'God' out of 'lie' and show it to a few select people? I don't mind stating on there it was fully your idea?
no go ahead, i was also thinking of doing the word religion out of lie.
Welcome to Atheist Nexus!

But yeah, made me rethink Columbus day and thanksgiving

A woman after my own heart.

Truth from lies is a good idea.
Welcome fellow atheist sista! Good stuff. Since I learned the real truth about our great American history, I too have NOT celebrated these lies of American holiday's, such as Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and especially Christmas and Easter and all the made up ones we have nearly every month to spur economic growth which line the pockets of the corporate

Cheers to you!

Seek knowledge!




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