Hide your virgins, beer and weed. Erxomai is up in the hizzy!

Greetings fellow devil worshiping, baby eating, whore-mongering, motherless, soulless, unwashed heathens!

Who is this strange new person who has just disrupted your tranquility and serenity?
Well I am pleased you asked. Who I am starts with who I no longer am. I am a former lifelong Fundie who didn't see the falsity of foolish faith forthwith 'til my forties. Probably could've worked harder at the alliteration, but thought I'd keep this intro short [apparently it's too late for that now].

I had just about given up on finding a new forum home. Where have yous guys been hiding? You're going to have to do better next time, because I've found you! This seems like a nice quiet place, so I thought I'd see how much anguish I can stir up by gracing you all with my sarcastic old man schtick. But enough about you, let's get back to me.

I spent 15 years as a professional snake-oil salesman [read Baptist preacher]. I left the sacred profession 10 years ago to go find myself. Seven years later I was flabbergasted to learn that I had unwittingly become an atheist! This was a huge shock to my system and I'm still mostly unsuccessfully recovering from it.

Around the same time I learned I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and have only just realized that I will probably never grow up in the traditional sense. Not that I'm immature. No, not at all. I'm just not very, what you would call mature.

My username is pronounced in a way that sort of roughly sounds like, "Eric, Oh My", but my e-friends call me Erx, Erxy, or even Lord Erxy. Just don't call me late to the annual atheist orgy and baby BBQ!

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Thank you, Patricia.
I'm looking forward to getting a better feel for the place. For the time being I'm limited to access through my phone so it's a little tough to get a feel for the whole place, but so far so good!

Holy Jesus - a former Baptist preacher?!?!  I thought there was no way out of that, like Stalin's Siberia or something.   If you can do it, so can others.....  cool!

Well, fundamentalism forces faithful flatulent folks to fasciculate, flap, flinch, and flutter, but they are flirting with futility.  

Thanks, SB! Speaking of flatulence, it's been quite the day!

Yes, I got out of the ministry because I didn't think my faith was strong enough to be around fundies anymore. But I didn't know then that I had just started my journey to atheism. Then, after I was thoroughly extricated from the Life, I found about The Clergy Project. They are helping poor saps like I was (still am, but too late for their help)readjust to civilian life. They support folks who don't believe but are still in the ministry. It's huge to leave a steady job with insurance, and while it seems like their are transferable skills for the workplace, it apparently doesn't work quite like that. At least it hasn't for me. So it's a great place for hurting, atheist clergy.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled flatulence.
Congratulations on finding Atheist Nexus - it was a challenge for me to find it as well. In fact, once I did find it, I noticed that it didn't take long for AN to show up on the list of prohibited internet sites on the server at work, which is why I'm not as regular a contributor as I'd like to be. Self-proclaimed morality police don't care much for us atheists.

Best of luck on your continued de-scrambling of your formerly fundie brain.

Hey Future, you're right about the prohibited site thing. I'm currently limited to my phone (or the library for the first time) and my first disappointment with AN was that it's blocked at work. Which double blows for me since my former forum I participated in has full access. Oh well. God works in mysterious ways. Thanks for the welcome!

I have come to keep you entertained.

It's about damn time!

What's an Atheist Forum with out a Fossilized Beard!? Or is it a Bearded Fossil?

Hey Erx -- welcome!  And thanks for an entertaining introduction.  I've never been religious, and it's fascinating to hear how those who were came out of it, especially when it was a profession.  Hell, I've changed jobs before, some even involving all new people, but never to one that required a 180 switch in world view that affected all aspects of life.  I look forward to your perspective in future posts.



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