I've been inviting folks who've just joined Atheist Nexus, and haven't had time to figure out how it works. This discussion is intended to ease that learning curve.


The most common confusion I've encountered is that the boxes for adding comments and replies to discussions are easy to see, but how to start a discussion is almost hidden.

Look for a plus sign and blue words "add a discussion" above the bar setting off the comment wall.

 You don't have to be new to leave a question here. Anyone who is experienced, and confident of an answer can post one. You don't have to wait for me to respond.

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Thank you for the  pointer on the ''Add a Discussion'' . The way this unassuming little thing lookes I had thought that it was merely a statement saying that new discussions were encoraged,not that one actually could click on it.Concerning photograps/videos,I am still having a bit of a problem loading them here,my ''cut and paste doesn't seem to take in my profile,do you have any suggestions?

Where are you trying to load pictures? There's an "upload files" below the text box. Seems every section here is a little different.


If you're talking about the collections "My Photos" or "My Videos", I've done it from the navigation bar on top, just under the Atheist Nexus header. Hovering over "Photos" gives options for "Basic Upload" or "Mass Upload"; either one works. Similarly for videos (though I haven't added videos myself yet).


I used to be a christian...'born again Alfred Hitchcock' variety, at least that how it was described at a job interview I attended many years ago, the desciption has stuck in my mind for some reason. I've spoke in tongues, seen the devil, and been in the presence of angels... and many more such as the religious ferver played tricks with my mind, oh and by the way I also tried to commit suicide when the realisation that I wasn't up to gods standard occured to me. Fortunately that was many years ago and sites like this have been vital in my de-conversion, my acclimatisation to reality. I really think religions should be held accountable for the damage they can do to people. Thankyou for reading my brief but personal account and I hope that you will encourage me by continuing to give your highly informative and stimulating posts and I would be delighted to answer any questions.

Any advice on how to ask a fervently religious relative to respect my request to stop trying to convert me?
I don't know ? depending on how much you judge this to be lacking respect...you should act accordingly...If your open about what you think and don't think applies to you then tell them....depending on your realtionship with them you can tell them to take a hike and that you have reached a sure footing as far as personal beleifs are concerned or politely decline their advice and maybe say that science answers a lot of the questions the bible asks.

I had such a problem with my best friend of 30 years.  She was the atheist, when we met in college, and said religion was a crutch that only weak people needed to lean on.  The implication was that such people were cowardly, choosing weakness.  Her courage was one of the many factors that helped me step away from organized religion and truly question god, back then.  About ten years later, she became a fundamentalist in a south American branch of evangelical fundies and allowed such brainwashing that she is afraid if she stepped away, now, her entire world would collapse.  When she finally gave her last strong-arming manipulative, even vicious attack on me, to force me to accept her god, I drew the line.  It's been over a year, and very slowly, she's at least coming around to respecting the fact that she can't do this.  At the very least, it's un-Christ-like.  At the most, it is torture in the form of mind control, and I won't stand for it.


I tell you this, because those who truly love you will respect you.  Those who don't, you don't need pulling you down.  Those who are questionable will prove themselves over time.  I wish you luck with your situation.  Be you, be strongly you, and don't allow anyone to change you.

Gerry, your account of attempted suicide fits my theory of why suicide rates have been rising in the military along with Christianization of our military from within and without.  The biggest push-back has been from MRFF, their overt focus most on the USAF, and USAFA in particular, and since that push-back started, the USAF is the only branch of the military that, as far as I know, has had any slowing or reversal of this suicide trend.  Worse, the military has been using chaplains to treat the suicidal, and the chaplaincy, over the last few decades, has been overrun with dominionist evangelicals.  I wish you could expound on that, so the powers that be could take note and do something right.

I think I'll just need to get used to it. I should login more often and pretty soon it will be my second Facebook. hahaha


to me, this way better than FB - i follow what my son and his friends are saying for the most part. i put up stuff and get nor responses - hardly anyone is interested in i'm interested in.  or maybe the 'older' crowd just don't use it as much as you 'youngsters' :))

HELP - i'm falling . . . . . . off this p



    e  \\\\\\\\\\




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