His description of agape restaurants was disappointing. How could someone of his alleged stature be so naive? Talk about "What I most regret?" with random strangers? The people at my table could be mobsters, stalkers, psychopaths or desperate lonely neurotics looking for someone to latch on to give their life meaning. No thanks. The chances of random strangers being empathic or even just comprehending the life dilemmas of a polyamorous bisexual atheist are low. That's not what I would consider an emotionally safe environment for deep sharing. I prefer to screen intimate friends.

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I agree. This is from the book right?

and Ruth I'm waiting for the shipment of the book .. any day now.

I think that concept "might" just work as a bar more than as a restaurant. In wino veritas. Booze has a way of freeing the tongue, strangers become best of friends, bad days turn into epic nights, and regrets, well, my personal experience is I have more of them after drinking then I had before :( 

Maybe it's not such a great idea...




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