It would nice to create a thread of historical atheists and include a quote or two from them. I'm sure the founding fathers will give us more than enough to go on...

First up, Elizabethan playwright and colleague of William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe in 1593.

In an environment of religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants, his detractors accused him of saying the following:

1. Moses was a mere juggler

2. Religion was only created to keep man in awe

3. Christ was a bastard and his mother a liar

4. The new testament was filthily written

5. Christ sodomised St. John (and vice versa)

6. The apostles lacked wit and worth

7. Christ slept with whores

8. Protestants are hypocritical asses.

9. It was good choice to crucify Christ

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Rather real or not, the sentiments are quite good.

Here's another, all the back from c180 CE


He said that
a)The Jesus story was a myth and that Jesus was the bastard son of Mary and a Roman soldier named Panthera.
b)Jesus used magic to deceive people into believing he was the son of a god.
c)There was no real difference between Christianity and many of the mystery religions existing at that time and some of the elements (such as the resurrection and virgin birth) could be found in older myths.

we better watch out! President Rick Santorum is going to be pushing for blasphemy laws to prevent this kind of talk.




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