History and Fake History Are Written by the Winners.

Does any of the history you were taught qualify as fake?

After I retired I had time to read much of James Madison’s Records of the 1787 Federal Convention, which most of us know as the 1787 Constitutional Convention. I will post some of what Madison wrote. 

What say you?

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I don't see your post from Madison's Constitutional Convention.

Yes, lots of stuff I was taught as history was fake.

In short, Ruth, Madison and the Federalists wanted to protect the opulent minority from the majority. I will add more in a while.

Those who think the winners write the history have never heard of Vietnam. ;)

Revisionists rewrite history all the time. I've been working on Pearl Harbor conspiracy theories since 1965. 

"The winners write the history" comes from the times when there were no living "losers" to counter the "official story". 




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