Is anyone following this story in Texas, where they are trying to revise history books for the school sysytem with a right-wing twist? The curriculum plays down the role of Thomas Jefferson among the founding fathers, questions the separation of church and state, and claims that the U.S. government was infiltrated by Communists during the Cold War. Because the Texas textbook market is so large, books assigned to the state's 4.7 million students often rocket to the top of the market, decreasing costs for other school districts and leading them to buy the same materials. Also contentious were changes that asserted Christian faith of the founding fathers. Historians say the founding fathers had a variety of approaches to religion and faith; some, like Jefferson, were quite secular.

        They are even considering removing Thomas Jefferson from a list of "great Americans", and want to play down his importantce to the nation's founding fathers. That change to the curriculum was supported by evangelical Christians, who dislike Jefferson's support for the separation of church and state! One of the clowns on the board even tried to force the schools in Texas to teach creationism alongside evolution in the state's public schools recently. In the past Texas evangelicals have repeatedly tried to have books seen as anti-Christian removed from its syllabus. Conservatives have also attempted to prevent children being taught about gay rights and global warming.

    The christians in this country are out of control!! I bet this does not go on in Europe.

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Christofascism hard at work in your public schools!
Yeah there is a short article on MSN's homepage referring to this crap. It's done btw. It passed 9-5 in all of the votes so they officially now learn a little of the bible and a lot of the RIGHT ( wrong =( ) right in the classroom. I'm so glad I live in the northeast.




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