I'm just curious to see if most Atheist Nexus members are formerly religious people that became disillusioned by doctrine.

 I did not grow up in a religious house though, regretfully, I was baptized. I recall the time I decided against Christianity circa 5th grade. My neighborhood friend, and his deeply religious family, made many attempts to convert me. They explained to me that the ticket to eternal salvation was merely acceptance of Jesus as the son of God. I posited a hypothetical scenario in which a person living in a remote part of the globe dies, having never even heard of Jesus Christ. I asked what would become of such a person. They explained to me that, if that person was worthy of God's love, he/ she would have some how discovered the word of Jesus. I was told this person would be suffering in hell. From that point forth I decided I could not believe in such a sadistic god.

What is your story ?

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Atheist parents ...read theologians and apologists to see what all of the fuss was about...

Most are apostates i dare say. 

I had the same question you did when i was young...also in the millions of years before christ what became of people?

Yes, I assume most are apostates. There seems to be the same disdain that ex-smokers often experience the first year or so.

I also remember turning down the boy scouts because we were docked points for missing church.

 I was a genuine Jesus Freak. I was thought of by many to be the most likely to go to seminary. I didn't because I wanted to be sure I was learning the "right way".     I wasted much of my life programming myself to believe no matter what. This pressed me to learn more, the more I learned....well let's just say I'm an atheist for my effort at being a Super Christian.   There are many more around us than we can imagine. I just ran into a fellow that noticed my trash religion t shirt. He commented that he liked it....a door was opened.

I was raised by parents who believed the crap. And their parents before them. They rarely went to church but we were encouraged to go be good Christians. Four out of the five of us fell for it. I could never make myself believe it though. I could never get passed the concept of original sin. I still can't. Openly atheist for over twenty years now :)

Fundie parents. I saw from the beginning that it takes a lot of work to believe everything they tell you and it doesn't do anything for you. I went through all the rituals but that didn't help either. Openly atheist from the time I was 25.

I wouldn't say I was disillusioned by doctrine.  I finally realized that none of the promises made by the religion I was raised in came to pass.  I received no help for any of my problems.  

Once I was a non-believer, I studied science enough to see that religion was made-up by stupid men.

If only everybody took a Zoology class they could see how evolution works and how all life is connected. I think it is crazy that Christians claim humans have souls but the rest of the animal kingdom does not.

if other animals have souls then everything falls apart...no special creation...no rules given for animals to find heaven...

Right, then we are merely hairless apes closely related to chimps / bonobos.

 I love one of Aron Ras often used response to "I didn't come from a monkey" 

He says your right your an ape.

and they can't even explain what a soul is, or the difference with conciousness or ego or whatever. Perhaps a soul is something their god collects.




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