I'm just curious to see if most Atheist Nexus members are formerly religious people that became disillusioned by doctrine.

 I did not grow up in a religious house though, regretfully, I was baptized. I recall the time I decided against Christianity circa 5th grade. My neighborhood friend, and his deeply religious family, made many attempts to convert me. They explained to me that the ticket to eternal salvation was merely acceptance of Jesus as the son of God. I posited a hypothetical scenario in which a person living in a remote part of the globe dies, having never even heard of Jesus Christ. I asked what would become of such a person. They explained to me that, if that person was worthy of God's love, he/ she would have some how discovered the word of Jesus. I was told this person would be suffering in hell. From that point forth I decided I could not believe in such a sadistic god.

What is your story ?

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cant define or answer anything substantive..how long is the journey to heaven and hell? what is the composition of heaven and hell? Location? laws of physics the same of different there? Is there a maximum capacity and if there are no more vacancies where do souls in transit go? etc 

That is a good question. Does purgatory also have a fixed capacity ?

I was raised in the Lutheran Missouri Synod thing because of my mother. During my Sunday school times, in those young days, I had questions and asked them in those Sunday school classes and one of the teachers finally got to the point that I was not allowed to do that. I, turned those things off while in high school and was yet involved with my high school FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, group. I then went to a LCMS college to play football and major in Math. I took 5 of the religion classes while there and had some quibbles with its teachings yet all I wanted to do is teach and coach. While teaching I was working on a Masters at a public U and also had problems with the lack of biblical learning of the people I was at a church with and finally had those neurons that were also doing their things.

While reading the Bible from beginning to end for my third time, and rereading my college notes while doing that, I got to the point that I couldn't reconcile the contradictions and atrocities that are in it.

I then spent over two years reading atheist books, some from the expastors, and very quickly evolved through the deistic to agnostic to atheist thinking.

One thing I had difficulty reconciling was the vast number of different religions in the world and even the sheer number of christian denominations. Do only the practitioners of 1 faction get to ascend into heaven ?

Concur John, I still remember that the favorite historic god that I liked during my junior high school learning was Odin.

Yea, Odin is cool. Polytheistic religions in general are much cooler than monotheistic ones. Catholicism is an exception though. It is basically polytheistic with all of the saints but not cool at all - except perhaps when blended with other religions to form Voodoo and Santeria.

@Gary, religion classes is what finally made me openly atheist. When I first started college I left the slot for religion blank and the sister asked if I cared if she marked it Christian. I told her I didn't care what she did. If I were to do it again I would mark none. Atheist wasn't an option.




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