History of Religious Tolerance (and intolerance) in America

Nice Smithsonian article titled "America's True History of Religious Tolerance".

It seems many people, especially those on the right, like to make up history. I like the real history, not fantasies.

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Thanks, yes the SL Tribune article was interesting as well.

Frankly, I'm starting to agree with those on the far right - we ARE a Christian Nation. One only need to look at the divisiveness, hatred and intolerance aimed at those of different faiths, or lack of faiths, to see those "Christian Values" in action.
Thanks for posting this. Intriguing to see just how "TOLERANT" those espousing religion were back in the day, yet how INTOLERANT they were of anyone else's faith.
This intolerance continues today.

It may not be quite as bad as in the past, but the current anti-Islam rage indicates that there is still plenty of intolerance in today's world.

"Christian Values". Ha, what a rotten joke.
IMO, the Treaty of Tripoli, is the document that states the the nature of the US position on religion. It was promoted by Adams and pasted by Congress without dissent.
yea, I pull that one out all the time. It passed the Senate by a 23 to 3 vote. Imagine getting that kind of majority on anything these days.
Yeah, well, all you can get outta the past (if you are a fundie) is boring faux-victorian era buildings which bush n' co. had built all over the damn place during those 8years in the dust of ignorance.

Texas is trying to re-write and censor history. Hello.




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