So at my commmunity college here in Wichita, Kansas I instantly took notice that my history teacher was religious, even though he tried to mask that fact. As i have only had his class one day so far I was  very interested as to how he would teach the bible. In everything he has said, he is seeming to present everything in it as truth and is coming off as extremely preachy in his notes.


Here is a powerpoint that I downloaded talking about the old testament. He focuses on exodus and presents miracles as historically accuate. Is it just me or is he trying to twist the bible into history? An%20Overview%20of%20Old%20Testament%20History.ppt

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What kind of history class is this? It seems to me that, given the limited scope of the slides, this is part of a theology history class. Given statements like:

* "The Sumerians date their history before/after the flood"

* "They “foretold” and “forthtold” events"

* "Even though the first eleven chapters are problematic to modern readers, it nevertheless is a giant leap forward in regards of explaining the origins of the universe as opposed to the creation myths of the Ancient Near East"

* "Explains the origins of languages and cultures"

Again what kind of class is this and what is the scope of the subject? How is other information handled? One part doesn't equal a whole.

Its not a theology class at all. The class is simply called "History of Western Civilization". He treats every other cultures relgion as just "heres what they beleieved" but with christianity he seems to teach it as "heres whats true".

I grew up a bit in Wichita, Kansas and still have brothers going to school there so correct me if im wrong but isn't it illegal or banned by the school board to teach evolution in the public school system in KS?  If so this doesn't surprise me at all because, well, they get thier higher education teachers from the local faire, expecially if its a community college. 



Edit: after looking over the powerpoint... I'd drop that class and take something more along the lines of the national curriculum requirements.  That class probably won't transfer to any accredited school. 

Im not sure what te laws are about evolution here in kansas and all. Im actually going to butler andover, its a community college. 


Oh and on my schools website I just found out he went to the seminary for a while. That explains alot. It just maddens me that the students in my class might take everything he says as true and I feel like I shouldnt let that happen.

If you have time, write a research paper explaining why these claims he is asserting are false and cite scholarly works.  Turn it in after you've received your final grade, so that he can't mess up your grades.





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