I am going to college and my former priest history of western civilazation teacher is going to present this powerpoint in class. He tries to prove the resurrection by using the lord liar or lunatic argument. Please help me decide how I should respond to this. There are big class discussions and everyone is a bible beater. Any help would be appreciated. The file is attached

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I'd start by arguing about what evidence outside of Biblical texts that Jesus even existed. If someone caused as much trouble as he's claimed to for the Romans, you know they'd write about him.
This is very good. I need to do my research over what evidence there is for a historical jesus outside the bible. So far Im finding none.
Be careful.  There is no equality of power in the student/teacher relationship.  Your Mr. Butler may be an honorable man, who would not grade you according to your beliefs, or he may be a typical religious bully.  We atheists don't need martyrs.  Tread carefully and try to get an A.  His lecture series reads like a bunch of sermons.  If you disagree with him in class, and then are given a lower grade than you deserve, he could call you are poorly performing, disgruntled student when you contest his grade.  Take good notes whenever he uses his class as a pulpit.  Try to find others who take, or have taken his class and are not christians.  Jews, Moslems, Hindus, etc may like this preacher in professors garb as little as you do.  Later, see if the college will sanction his behavior as religious discrimination.

I would point out that there is a fourth possibility that C.S. Lewis failed to consider.  Lore.  Perhaps there was a person named Jesus and the events of his life got severely exaggerated.  This happened with many other historical figures. 


There are myths and legends about George Washington, Daniel Boone, Alexander the Great, etc.  It is said that George Washington threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River, a feat that is not humanly possible.  So, do we conclude that George Washington was superhuman?  Was he a liar?  Was he a lunatic?  Or did somebody just make it up or embellish an actual event?


Josephus cites four sources that say the Sea of Pamphylia (the modern Gulf of Adalya in southern Turkey) gave way for Alexander the Great and his army.  One of these sources claimed to have been in Alexander's army.  They decided this event was divine intervention.  It is a very similar story to Moses' parting of the Red Sea.  Do we conclude, as the soldiers did, that Alexander was a god?  Was the story a lie or told by a lunatic?  Or did it just so happen that there was an event that caused an unexpectedly low tide and this got embellished into a miracle story?



You didn't indicate what type of college you attend; if it is a state supported institution, this professor is in violation of the law prohibiting the promotion of religion of any kind. If that is the case, my suggestion would be to inform the Freedom From Religion Foundation and their lawyers will take it from there.




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