Hitchens~ a great Atheist, but a great Rationalist??

Many atheists have appreciated Christopher Hitchens' books on religion, such as God is Not Great, and I would suspect that for quite some time (maybe the next ten to twenty years) he will be listed among the great outspoken atheists of this century~ but my question is will he be listed as a Rationalist as well???  While the two usually go hand in hand (although that could be up for debate) Hitchens' has a disturbing record of holding rather indefensible beliefs in regards to his conservative values, especially in relation to the Invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.  These views are what I refer to when I question whether he can join the ranks of great rational thinkers, and merely leave the "atheist" camp, so to speak.  Any thoughts on this?

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or should we be taking a more subtle approach and facilitating the same changes through the citizens of those nations instead of our military?

  In my opinion absolutely, when the situation allows for it. And for you to make the comment about the Arab Sring not being influenced by the US seems rather clarvoyant at this point. I would imagine as with most large political uprisings there are many factors that went into sparking it. Too early to tell.

  And if you are gping to look at the US history of oppossing dictators through military means please be sure to include Everything from 1941 on...there are plenty of goode and bad examples.

personally, I think that leaving room for a US impetus in those revolutions would be vastly optimistic.  From what I've seen the only contribution has been social networking sites, something developed by the US, but nothing directly related to our actions~ and yet, that is exactly what is needed.  The people need to free themselves and then ask for help, not have someone tell them thats what they need.

As far as the US deposing dictators (I assume thats what you were trying to type), I know that directive 1233 (I think thats the name) states that we are no longer allowed to assassinate foreign leaders, and for good reason.  A lot of the shit we've been fighting, especially the dictators like Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, along with Al Queda, received support and training from the US and its allies.  Again, our intervention in the world is creating these problems that we are now dealing with.  Al Queda started during the Soviet Invasion as a base camp for training, before the Mujahdeen left to fight the "commies" in the mountains~ they were funded and trained by the ISA, Pakistan's intelligence agency, who was receiving the majority of their support and training from the US.  The Taliban originated from the rebels that were fighting the soviets as well, trained by Pakistani and US operatives.  We originally supported Saddam Hussein as well~  Point is, all this shit keeps biting us in the ass exponentially, and these people are telling us that it is, but we will. not. LISTEN.

 I suppose your saying we should not have assisted in opposing the Soviets? Hold that thought I hope we can continue this discussion but Im afraid i must bail on ya at the moment.

A country based on genocide, slavery, and the exploitation worldwide of littler, browner people invites blowback and well deserves it.  The first genocide of the 20th century was not against the Armenians, but the U.S. against Filipino tribesmen.  The only country ever to use nuclear weapons against a civilian population AFTER Japan had made offers for surrender?  The U.S., a country every good American is deeply ashamed of.


July 3, 2006

A 21-year-old American soldier — later discharged for a mental disorder — has been charged with raping a 15-year-old girl, then shooting and killing her — along with her mother, father and young sister. Josh White of The Washington Post tells Madeleine Brand about the incident




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