In case you haven't seen it, the BBC hosted the Intelligence Squared Debate, which pitted Christopher Hitchens and actor/writer Stephen Fry against Archbishop John Onaiyekan and MP Ann Widdecombe from the Catholic Church. The subject was the motion "The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world". A vote was taken before the debate and another taken at the end. The results of the final vote were astonishing.

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I agree that philosophies can, do, and should change over the ages. However, the criticism here is that the Catholic Church - along with so many others - claims to get its moral code from an omnipotent, omniscient source. As such, shouldn't it's code be the eternal and 'correct' one, regardless of what is in fashion with the rest of us sinners these days?

Or as Stephen Fry put it, if the Church is only following current trends and not here to show us the 'correct' path, then what are they here for?

My criticism is more a challenge to the Church, and one they fail dismally at by their own admission.




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