Hello everybody,

I'm hoping to spread awareness for the existence of a petition to have a monument of Christopher Hitchens created and placed in London.

I would be very grateful for more signatures of course, and for any shares of it's existence.

The petition is at www.atheist-reference.org

Thank you,

Steve :)

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Someone on YouTube posted a note about that petition, and I gladly signed it a day or so ago.

The sad thing is that, while he did some of his best work in the US, any memorial built here would very likely draw more criticism and protest from the believers who were one of the primary targets of his voice and pen. In England, which is de facto vastly more secular, it's doubtful that many if any eyebrows would be raised.

Then, too, we're the ones with "in god we trust" on our money, where the Brits have Darwin on theirs!

Thank you for your signature Loren :)

Yes you're right it's a shame really as you can tell from what he said that he loved America very much... having said that, a monument would still need protecting over here in the UK too... we haven't got quite so many crazy extremists here but the ones we do have are probably just as destructive lol.

Sadly it wouldn't be safe without some protection anywhere in the world I don't think, the man had enemies on every continent... testament to how brilliant he was at doing what he did really!

signed.  so what's this thing gonna be made of, diamonds?  titanium alloy?  as the petition states it needs to be made of "tough stuff".  it should also be non-stick so the rotten eggs and poop grenades can just roll off. 

Thank you Matthew.

Titanium alloy would be awesome, but I'm guessing there would be more risk of it being stolen than vandalized in that case haha.

To be honest I don't know all that much about those types of materials but I guess somebody will be able to advise us at some point.

Unfortunately I think it will likely be attacked but so to was Churchill and that still stands.

An excellent idea, signed.




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