The rightwing conspiracy theorists are onto a new tack: Obama is like Hitler in forcing universal health care on the country:

This was posted by a woman I know who comes from a very religious family.  It is apparently a big thing in certain conservative groups including those who follow Lyndon LaRouche.

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Many people take a rigid authoritarian view of life. That is, they believe rigidly in right vs. wrong, divide the world into good and bad, and tend to see justice entirely in terms of punishment and reward.

Sympathy for anyone who has done something wrong is immoral in their view. For these people compromise with what they regard as evil is an even greater evil. The complexities and subtleties of diplomacy escape them and war becomes a way of punishing evil-doers. That a war undertaken solely for that reason, as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were, might be a serious mistake, does not occur to them. Remember the words of the fourth stanza of our national anthem:

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."

Dear old Lyndon!

During the recent campaigning season I saw, on the walk outside a tiny mall, a table staffed by a young man who was pushing LaRouche remedies.

I hadn't heard of Lyndon for about 15 years and asked, "Is that nutcase still alive?"

Wisely, the staffer refused to engage. As I walked away I chuckled.

Good for you. While I think that most of the time these extremists don't get very far, they are still potentially dangerous and should be countered at every turn. Young people are easily taken in by their faulty logic.

I agree totally and I have the same Medicare. Mine works about like yours does but was turned over to Coventry Gold Advantage HMO. Last year I paid for nothing because my meds are generic. In 2015 I will have to start paying a little, and my $10 doctor visits are then going to be $15.

For those Publicons who bitch about Medicare they need to understand that I pay for this out of my sociable insecurity and it's not free care. They either need to wait their turn when they get my age or just shut the hell up!

People in Congress afraid of "death panels." OK, they can have my insurance and I'll take their Tricare with everything paid cradle to grave.

If only Godwin's Law applied to Fox News and not just the internet.

Godwin's Law: someone will play the Hitler/Nazi card. See Wikipedia for more.

Doing that is usually a lie, intended to frighten people into not examining issues.

Many kinds of lies have First Amendment protection -- political speech for instance.

Commercial speech does not. For about a century, since the passage of the Truth in Labeling Law, SCOTUS has denied First Amendment protection to much commercial speech.

Until the 1920s, American state governments could attack free speech in any way they pleased. In that decade SCOTUS began applying the 14th Amendment to the states.

So we know people's expectations as to the First Amendment are growing. We need to grow them some more.

Politicians in both major parties lie; today's GOP has adopted lying as policy.

Unless homo sapiens first make the planet uninhabitable, we in the US of A will in time have some kind of Truth in Politics Law.

Count on other nations to have such laws sooner; America's gambling-addicted Wall Street folk will resist until employees own the companies they work for.

Will we first need a national initiative and referendum in the Constitution?

Probably. Democracy is not yet in the "bucket lists" of enough Americans.

Of the 25-or-so states whose Constitutions provide direct initiative and referendum, most are in the West. Their pro-statehood folks saw the corruption in the older Eastern states and said they didn't want it.

There's hope for the US of A, again unless we first make the earth uninhabitable.

Place your bets. Not in money; in efforts.




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