I used to participate in another very popular forum, which I no longer care to join in anymore for various reasons, mainly because they changed their format to something hideous and tiresome to deal with.  Apparently I'm not the only one, because I noticed that there were many others there talking about jumping ship to another site called News Talkers.  I visited NT and saw that an overwhelming number of people from the other forum had indeed swithed over to NT, but what was even more interesting was how incredibly similar that site is to Atheist Nexus.  They are practically identical in format.  Anyone else seen this yet?  I don't really have any inclination to participate there, since it is quickly going to become the place that is filled with many of the same mouth breathers I was trying to get away from when I came here to AN.  I'm just curious as to how these two sites came to be so identical in format.

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Nothing sinister going on. NT, like AN, is based on the Ning platform ("the world's largest platform for creating social websites").

I figured that would be that answer - just didn't know there was such a thing.  I don't belong to enough social networking sites to recognize such a commonality.  Thanks for the reply.

social networking is addictive


One of the great strength of social networking is building trust in each other, confronting errors as they occur, supporting relevant facts, and getting clearer and clearer on complex social problems. The intent is not to tear down institutions, but to make them work more equitably and justly. There is a healthy dose of skepticism without the killing effects of cynicism. 

building trust in each other..now there is a positive idea.

Much of the time as an atheist i feel like i live in a closet.

no one discusses religion at work.. which is fine by me

Cool - I like the platform.

Well, non-theists are safe here.  That other site has a lot of bickering from theists and conservatives.  It is really an impasse but goes on and on.

Please define "mouth breathers" for me.

Thanks! I didn't think of it being in the urbandictionary. "have a hole in their head with which they breath; otherwise, they are pretty much amoebas with vocal chords."




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