and Obama's going for his second visit soon! pfffft oh boy

Remember; the walrus was Paul... ; )

Justice seekers unite!

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If the Vatican is serious about this ... then it damned well should be serious about the consequences of harboring child abusers ... and those who protected those abusers.  It should be willing to deal not just with the criminal penalties meted at those ... but the civil penalties.  In a US court, by the time all the wronged parties are reckoned, the monetary penalties alone should bankrupt the church so thoroughly that they couldn't buy a pack of gum.  The church would be ruined.

And they would have no one to blame but themselves.

bankrupt.. indeed. morally. mentally.. done...
so get this!

Irish Times has the most interesting headline for the story...

Vatican to face UN committee on "child rights"

guess the common cop-out is this:
"Vatican sources yesterday confirmed that the Holy See will continue to claim it is “legally responsible” only for events that take place on Holy See territory. In other words, it cannot be held “legally” responsible for the actions or failings of all the 412,000 Catholic priests worldwide. The Holy See will continue to argue that the “legal” buck stops with the local church in question.

legion of robed crime bosses know it's the age of the atheist. 




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