Today I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. As much as I hate the discomfort, indignity, invasion of personal space, and 40+ years now Ive been nagged about flossing..,

The whole time, she was singing o little town of bethlehem and little drummer boy and what child is this? Jesus H Christ! Then leaving I stopped at the grocery store next door. That goddam bell ringing - what did they do, a study to dicsover the most grating sound in the universe? Then the grocery store with the worst christmas songs ever - The Carpenters meet Barry Maniloe or something!

All I could envision was Marlin Brando in Apocolypse Now.... The horror! The horror!

When will it all end? Arrrrggghhhh!!!

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Personally am glad they don't behave this way year-round. I have not seen any reports of fistfights standings shootings or other forms of violence when people go shopping on the Fourth of July or any other holiday. If like most Christians, they pick a day to be "holy, loving and so forth" like Sunday. Then they spend the rest of their time treating their fellow man like crap. What more can I say? in any comment on "And the “stories” about changes of heart, discovery of love, kindness, generosity, the “spirit of giving”, season of sharing, etc. are also an about-face from the regular  religious dispatches." These changes, etc. have about as much staying power as most people's New Year's resolutions.

Years ago I worked as a clerk in a pharmacy. This was back in the day of the eight track tapes. For those of you who have no clue about eight track tapes picture of plastic box. Not quite as big as a paperback book. You plug this into machine and it played nonstop until you pulled out. The pharmacist was a fan of country Western music and I think he only had one tape. Now don't get me wrong, I'll listen to just about anything but eight hours of Kitty Wells. "He done me wrong." Or Hank Williams. "When you left, you took my dog and I'm sure going to miss him." And on and on and on. Well you get my point. The owner of the store eventually grabbed.the tape and threw it in the dumpster when the pharmacist was out to lunch. Now I am just about immune to any sort of Muzak.

Romin, wow, 8-track tapes?  I remember having an 8-track player in my Ford Maverick.  I thought they were a wonderful innovation, and cassette tapes would never take off.

I listened as I drove down the interstate in southern Illinois, viewing the herds of Mastodons roaming the prairies.   I miss those Mastodons.  The Maverick rusted out so fast I felt like it left a powdery brown trail like Hansel and Gretel with their cookies.

I don't mind feeling old. I'm happier now than I was then.  And I can thrill the young with tales of those days of yore.  Thank you for reminding me!

A maverick. Wow! I had a Gremlin. I lived on Long Island and managed to keep it from rusting out by once a week going to the local you clean carwash and rinsing out the wheel wells and underbody to get the salt out. It came stock with an AM radio and I put in an FM converter. Do you remember those? I did not have a tape deck in the car, but I had a portable cassette player on the seat. When I wasn't listening to music I was listening to recordings of college lectures. I used to do this during rush hour.

We didn't have mastodons on Long Island, but I used to drive next to the great ice sheets that came down from the north..

Sometimes when I tell young people about some of the things I did back then I get the impression that when they leave they roll their eyes and say sssuuurrre!

You're welcome for the reminder. BTW, I don't think I know anyone who actually owned a Maverick. I thought that was a myth perpetrated by Ford.

My turn - a Gremlin - Wow!  


Ford tried to perpetuate the myth that they were making cars.  Maverick was more than an urban legend.  Mine looked like this.  This isn't mine.  Well it might be, after I sold it.  If they spackled and painted some of the rusted out areas.  If you leave the windows open, chickens might use as a nice place to lay eggs.


What's worse is after that I had a Dodge Charger. Not the cool looking Duke's of Hazard big Charger. The later one that was kind of a little Mitsubushi with a dark paint job. It worked fine, going downhill in 1st or 2nd, or if you put it in reverse and went backward you could go uphill.  It wouldn't start on cold days.

Not mine.  Mine didn't look this good.

On the other hand, I thought Gremlins were really cool.  Too bad AMC went under.

Believe it or not, I worked for a company that had a fleet of delivery cars and as the office manager I had to pick of the litter, so to speak. I had one of those chargers and it had the Daytona package. I think instead of a mouse they put a rat on the wheel. On a good day I could out run a toddler on the wheel.

Yeah, I really loved my Gremlin.It had the big six (256 cubic inches). I put coil springs over the shocks. I had replaced the factory shocks with Gabriel striders, which were adjustable (soft, medium, firm). I also put slightly larger tires on it and built a custom exhaust system. On the interior I put in gauges because the only instruments were idiot lights. I added an oil pressure gauge and a tachometer. Interestingly enough, I ordered it from the factory with a floor shift instead of the "three on the tree." Another thing was at that time. If you remember they had switch under the seat. Both driver and passenger that you could not start the car unless the seat belt with buckle. A disconnected that because I did not need to be told to wear seatbelts. That's just good sense. I didn't want some stupid switch foisted upon me by government that thought they knew better. As a matter of fact, before I ownedthis car. I had a 1963 Pontiac Catalina convertible they did not have seatbelts and I installed them.

Anyway, this is fun talking about those days.

Me to.  Wow, a convertible Catalina!  That was living!  

1963 Pontiac Catalina

I"m glad govt quit trying to tell people what to do...  Yeah, right  :-)

What color was yours? Mine was in white with a red interior. Man it was cool. People don't believe me when I say you could fit seven adults comfortably.  The trunk was big enough for luggage for an entire family. Under the hood with a 390 in.³ V-8 with the Rochester 4 barrel. It put out something like 300+ horsepower. I had this during the early 70s when gas was $.35 a gallon. I was driving back and forth to college and work and I was using. $60 worth of gas a month. If I remember right. It had a 26 gallon gas tank. Man it was a boat, handled like crap but I loved it.

SOrry - i meant me too about its fun talking about those days. I didn't have an awesome car like yours!

I had an awesome Maverick.  It had a v-8 engine and that car would almost fly.

Probably same as mine - it was a 302  if I remember correctly.  But oh the rust!

This is make believe, but wouldn't it be nice?

You say,

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. I'm not sure that Bethlehem as we know it today even existed at that time.

Little Drummer Boy. Where did he come from? What is it that he is drumming?

What Child Is This? Nobody knows. We don't know. It was all made up!

As for that constant damned belll ringing, I've been around that too this year. Nobody had balls enough to ask me anything either. Maybe I just look mean.

Last summer the street preachers were offering little books that would promise you etarnal life. One asked me if I wanted one. When I told him "no" he shut up and left me alone.




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