Today I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. As much as I hate the discomfort, indignity, invasion of personal space, and 40+ years now Ive been nagged about flossing..,

The whole time, she was singing o little town of bethlehem and little drummer boy and what child is this? Jesus H Christ! Then leaving I stopped at the grocery store next door. That goddam bell ringing - what did they do, a study to dicsover the most grating sound in the universe? Then the grocery store with the worst christmas songs ever - The Carpenters meet Barry Maniloe or something!

All I could envision was Marlin Brando in Apocolypse Now.... The horror! The horror!

When will it all end? Arrrrggghhhh!!!

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Well ... at least you didn't have Michael Bolton trying to sell you a Honda!  Oh, but those commercials make me want to HURL!


You MADE me look for this!

oh yeah Loren I saw those commercials. Guess he got a new gig.

Ha! Too funny. Who would have thought that the sound of a drill could be the less annoying sound in a dentist's office. 

ANYTHING but the Xmas carols!


Sorry about your dental technician.  I think mine is agnostic, plus she's finished in 15 minutes with almost zero pain.

But I feel your pain from the constant xmas music everywhere you go, and that annoying tintinnabulation from the xtian beggars.  Horrible indeed.

Your comments on annoying christmas music have me wondering if anyone has studied the use of religious music over the millennia to influence and indoctrinate followers? It certainly is a memory tool and at least for me some songs that I hear on the radio momentarily take me back to a place and or event where I may have first heard the song. (Old person flashback).

I don't know, but it seems highly likely that religious music is used to indoctrinate.  

I remember songs and music better than anything else.  When I rejected religion, I stopped enjoying the hymns because the message was onerous.  However, once in a while, I'll catch myself singing one.

Hey Gene - Actually, years ago I did study this exact topic.  I will need to scrounge up the cited studies, but basically it was fascinating to read about how religious music is often written to induce a feeling of euphoria amongst the listeners.  It has been found, for example, that Charismatic churches will use certain music with a specific beat during times of giving - reading between the lines, it is like a marketing ploy to get 'believers' to give more money.  Also, people who enter church as skeptics will often come out believers as a result of the 'music' and the feeling that they get by listening.  Very few remark that they actually believe based on the spoken message alone.  For these reasons, and others (I need to scrounge up that damn paper I wrote!), I would be cautious allowing young people to listen to religious music in my house.  While I like a good beat as much as anyone else, I do believe that religious music can trigger certain responses that can lead to unwise choices.  Just my personal opinion, but one that is based on some studies that have been conducted as to the charisma of religious music. 

I'm so sorry that happened to you. This is why my favorite Christmas song is "What's This?", from The Nightmare Before Christmas. (I'm watching the movie right now, as part of my X-mas Eve tradition. And yes, I am a 23-year-old who still likes animated movies. Don't judge,) I mean, the song has no mention of Jeebus what so ever, and has perhaps the most morbid, but hilarious, lyric of any Christmas song: "There's children throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads!"

That being said there are some Christmas songs I do enjoy, as long as there in moderation, meaning I'm not bombarded with them 24/7. (Which is why, unless I'm going to see a movie, I try to avoid my local mall at this time of year.) For example, I do have a soft spot for White Christmas, but in my case I listen to it for the sake of being ironic. (I've lived in Florida for 15 years, and haven't had a white Christmas since I was 7.) And songs like Jingle Bells (and not just the version were Batman smells), Rudolph and Frosty, I can tolerate every once in while, because those songs give me fond nostalgic memories of my childhood. 

But most other X-Mas songs I can't stand. Especially Silent Night and O Holy night. Not only because they interfere with my being an Atheist, but also because they always made me sleepy. (I know that sounds strange, but slow, hypnotic songs like those tend to do that to me.)

Once again, I'm sorry that happened to you, Sentient Biped, but look on the bright side, after New Years, you won't have to hear those songs again until after Labor Day!

I keep wanting to change "What Child is This" to "Whose Child is This".  But someone else already did it. I can actually tolerate this verson.



I remember the first time I heard those damn bells this year. I was out running errands, minding my own business, when off in the distance...ring ring ring ring ring ring ring. NOOOOOO!

It called for a trip to the liquor store. ;)


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