Today I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. As much as I hate the discomfort, indignity, invasion of personal space, and 40+ years now Ive been nagged about flossing..,

The whole time, she was singing o little town of bethlehem and little drummer boy and what child is this? Jesus H Christ! Then leaving I stopped at the grocery store next door. That goddam bell ringing - what did they do, a study to dicsover the most grating sound in the universe? Then the grocery store with the worst christmas songs ever - The Carpenters meet Barry Maniloe or something!

All I could envision was Marlin Brando in Apocolypse Now.... The horror! The horror!

When will it all end? Arrrrggghhhh!!!

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sadly, it will never end - there's too much money by big businesses (& opportunists) made on christmas-related stuff. one can only hope that 50 years from now (or sooner?) when all the right-wing evangelicals die, the younger generation of people will not carry forth those ridiculous traditions and habits.

You are right it wont end. The best we can do is make it a little less pervasive.

The next generation will have their own challenges. We should continue to strive to make their future better. But commercialism and right wing evangelism will not die out. Too seductive, too addictive, too useful for the narcissists and power junkies - religious and political. Quality of news is declining, so-called entertainment is increasingly dominant, and I dont know what can be done to changej that.

All I know is this. Thank Thor all that Christ Mess is over for now.

(I borrowed that CM phrase from someone on here. It's a goodie.)

Dennis I agree. For some reason this christmess was especially tiresome for me. It's sad the best thing I can say about a holiday is Im glad its over.

Just think the holidays are now over and everything can go back to normal again.

better days man!




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