OK, this is a little bit of an inside joke. I'm a member of an astronomy club and a few years ago we got ourselves a huge 24-inch reflecting telescope and this is a tribute to that new telescope and the Observatory Director who supervised its installation. I felt a little naughty at the time, switching the words of a hymn to honor a telescope, lol . . . but I just realized the atheists here might appreciate it. "HST" means Hubble Space Telescope.

Hark the Herald (Ode to a Telescope)

Hark the herald, our Director sings:

The mount’s installed! Come try this thing!

Forty degrees latitude. Parameters filed.

Stars and software reconciled!

Joyful all astronomers, wise

Join the triumph of the skies

Observatory guests and hosts proclaim:

Wow this scope’s got perfect aim!

Hark! More public! Now we sing:

Get in line, see Saturn’s ring.


Sights in highest heav'n adored

The Deer Lick Group, Orion’s Sword

Late in time before we’re done.

M13 looks like the sun!

Hail the Hershels, NGCs!

Veiled in nebulosity

Pleased to find faint glows that dwell

In Andromeda’s arms. 33’s as well.

Twist the turret for a zoom.

Cold? We’ll view from the Members Room!


Hail the heavenward Prince of Photons

Hail the Son of HST!

Light and awe to all it brings

Slewing with tension in its springs

Mild it lays the cosmos by

Focused perfect for your eye

Made to thrill us here on Earth

With nova remnants and starbirth

Wander through the Milky Way

Just two more hours before it’s day.

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When I was studying physics in college, we had a physics lecturer called Newton. He had a very shiny bald head, and we students used to affectionately term it his Newtonian reflector.

it sounds boring


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