Anyone out there who does not celebrate Christmas?
Just wondering.... 

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I don't in fact, I despise christmas. Not only because I think it is a religious event, despite the pagan history etc etc it really is about jesus these days, and also because of the corporate saturation. People are clammering to get savings and deals on ridiculous stuff that nobody really needs and a lot of people get into so much debt just for the 'spirit' of christmas ie: I have to buy better and more presents than anyone else. I really is just another very long black friday sale.

People place so much importance on traditions and don't even realize how much that tradition has been distorted over time and instead of sitting back and enjoying it, it has become a political tactic (Rick Perry), a corporate sales boom (how about occupy christmas), I find it all very sickening and no sooner is it over then we move into the whole easter shebang.

I just think we need to settle it down a bit, there are much more important things to worry about in this world instead of some silly tradition that no one really remembers what it is actually for and the state of the world economy - not just the US - shouldn't we be spending our money on living instead of cheap crap made in Asia?.

A very merry Bah Humbug from me to you.........

We don't celebrate xmas in my house -- no.

I don't.  It has nothing to do with being an atheist though.  I just don't have fond memories of it from when I was younger.  And these days it just seems too much about spending money.  The family aspect is out too.  The majority of my fam are very religious and we have little contact.


But I do celebrate having days off from work!

I also don't have fond memories about xmas when I was younger. With all the black Friday hype it  it is all about making money and profits.

I dislike this holiday, but its nice for my nieces and nephew, just wish my sisters would accept the truth about it all.

I really do celebrate Winter Solstice in a big way, not like Christmas at all, but as a mellow, sweet time of reflection and contemplation.  Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of family life, quiet presents precious moments.  I don't do any decorations or anything like that.

My life centers around my garden, mostly, because my grandkids and great-grandkids live far away and have other relatives.  On the shortest day of the year I mark the spot where the sun hits a wall in my tool shed and then on the longest day I mark where the sun hits.  Kind of a nice little activity that keeps me aware of the natural order of things. I feed the birds and squirrels, wander through the paths to see how each plant survives.  During autumn cleanup, I cut flowers stalks and lay them on the ground so the birds can feed on the seeds all winter. I make sure there is a brush heap near by so they can escape the several neighbor cats that come over every day and try to catch them.  

When my children were in high-school, they started wanting to be with their friends doing "exciting"  things. I was a single mom so I figured I had better find a way to have a meaningful time for myself as my little ones were flying away. The first time I realized the kids wanted to be with friends but were too sensitive to say anything I announced I wanted to be alone and it was OK for them to go with others.  

I brought in some poinsettias, made a wonderful roasted Cornish game hen, had a nice bottle of wine, and a lovely winter pudding with rum sauce.  About halfway through my meal the door flew open and my three children, their boy- girl- friends swarmed in and we had a big party around my little game hen.  They were so uncomfortable leaving me alone and when they came in they saw I was doing just fine, content, happy, and enjoying myself.  We laughed so hard, and had so much fun, and they all know that I am fine, I am thinking of them whether they are with me or away, and the pressure is off to "have" to be with mom.  

That was 37 years ago, my very favorite celebration is winter solstice, next to spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox.  My children are all grown up now with children of their own, one has grandchildren.  Summer is the time for travel and getting together ... winter is too unpredictable for driving or flying.  We are all snug, warm, sharing emails and phone calls in winter.  All is well.

No don't do xmas in the big sense......may eat a bit of chicken and Xmas pud, there again I eat chicken all year and you can't get Xmas puds the rest of the year which are quite nice with some extra thick cream………Doh...drooling now at the thought of that pud!:)

The wife and I haven't done Xmas presents for over ten years now, don't have children so no issues's just one big pagan, pseudo Christian, coke-cola bullshit event......never really understood it!!

I also hate Christmas Carols & hymns….always have….rather listen to Country & Western….and I really dislike that music as well.:)

Usually go away at Xmas just to avoid the event!!:)




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