Does Hollywood have enough atheist thinkers?  We have a storytelling and entertainment industry that is probably unmatched by anyone in the world.  It seems that money rules in what story will be told but there is no guarrantee of anyone movie making a blockbuster.  So how can Hollywood be utilized to educate the public about the injustices religion brings to people?  I liked Bill Mahers Religulous, it gave very good food for thought.  I doubt though the title and Bill's popularity with republicans created line of people out to the parking lot to see the movie.  I am not saying you have to be sneeky in how you create a movie story to generate crowds.  I am saying maybe there needs to be a more family oriented move made that shows not all atheist are sad and depressed living in their own world.

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Hi Earther,
Unfortunately a movie like that wouldn't make any money for them. I also saw Religulous and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is another one you might enjoy called Constantine's Sword, an ex-Catholic priest discusses Christianity's dark past particularly during WWII.
It would be nice to have a TV channel dedicated to atheist programming, after all there are a half-dozen Christ dedicated channels right now it seems. Seems fair to me.
I do watch a lot of science and discovery channels but even they put some bad shows on like TLC Sarah Palin and one channel is about ghosts. How dumb is that? I will try to check out the Constantine's Sword, I like your idea about a TV show on atheist theme shows. Did you see 30 Days Atheist / Christian?




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