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Best of everything, health, luck, and hope your group succeed in impressing every audience.

Maybe we'll get to purchase a DVD of your group one day.



A in F, I wish you good health, strength, courage, stamina, confidence, competence, pride, dignity, self-assurance, and great success. 

I think of Barbra, who has an ugly nose, not a very pretty face, and she just claimed them with pride and dignity and sang her heart out. 

Excellent.  Thanks.  When she sings, she's beautiful.

I agree, Jerry! She sparkles!. 

Good luck!

OUTSTANDING!  You ROCK that gig, girl!  [big grin!!!]

Yes, CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm looking forward to hearing about many successful gigs!

Most of us atheists are "oddballs". I'm happy to read about your success and current state of mind. Jazz is the coolest.

Ath, where do you sing in public monthly?  Since religion, without a church choir, I haven't had a place to sing.  By now, I'm too old, but I did enjoy it.  Congratulations on being picked.

Thanks everybody! One quick thing. :) My name is Laura, not Kathy. It's all good. I'm terrible at remembering names. It's even harder when all you have is a rather generic screen name. Almost anyone who lives in our nation could be an atheist in some FundyLand.

Our director is incredibly talented. He played his own jazz version of "Away in the Manger" at the Christmas concert and I was gobsmacked. It was unbelievably awesome.

His way of teaching is very different from what I'm used to. Yesterday, he was making up jazz parts on the fly. Today I had to listen to our rehearsal several times because he changed my part so often. I finally realized I had to mark down important times during the rehearsal so I would get the correct information. I still don't have a handle on my part, but I tried. :) I'm going to have to used to his teaching style: No sheet music, just, "Here, you sing this part." Very, very different from classical music.

Thanks again. Wish me luck learning these very difficult jazz chords.

I'm no musician, however, would it help to relax into the rhythms? 

It's actually hard on my voice to learn music because I have difficulty relaxing. My tone suffers because I'm concentrating so hard on getting the pitches and rhythms correct. Now, if I were a world class musician, I could do everything right on the first take, but I'm simply not that good. Most musicians aren't, so it's OK. Really. :) Sure, I can improve, but it's unrealistic to expect myself to become a world-class musician at 48. ;)

Once I know my part, relaxing does help. In fact, keeping a relaxed tone is one of the most important parts of singing. 1) Never push too hard, 2) Never start a song too loudly; let it grow organically, 3) Even when you reach the climax, hold something back, 4) always leave them wanting more. Generating a pleasing tone requires a lot of work.




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