This guy has some great videos dismantling the Qur'an, but this one is a masterpiece (I'm pretty sure the guy whose vid he's responding to here has seen it!)



If you've ever wondered how people can believe in the Qur'an, well, you'll wonder even more after watching this!

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What a great video!  Had to watch it twice. 
Hahah. A lesser man would have just replied with a list, so few these days respond to challenges with musical parodies.
The guy even includes his own blooper reel!  EXCELLENT!

Oooo, here's a further thought:

"The Book of Mormon" - the musical is doing monster business on Broadway, and even the LDS church gets a kick out of it, or so the story on CBS Sunday Morning said the other day.

HOWEVER ... just what do you suppose the reaction would be if Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez did the same thing with the quran?!?  I can just hear the fatuous fatwas flying now!



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