My curiosity is a driving force and I'm interested in your thoughts and concerns rather than following through with this but I was wondering if anyone thought it would be a good idea to build shelters or halfway houses for atheist children kicked out of fundamentalist households. Maybe these places already exsist and I just don't know about them.

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This is one thing that bothers me about atheism - we lack the organisation to do proper charity work, and this gives theists a lot of ammo against us. Your idea is fantastic - but would take a LOT of work. I suggested something simpler before, something like an atheist soup kitchen would be a great start.
I gotta agree, it would be a good thing to get some work doing, but organization is a factor. I only have one fellow atheist friend and I can't really find a way to meet anyone aside from here, so many people are quiet about it. I once read an article that referred to atheists as cats..well I can't remember why, but the essence of the article is that we're all thinkers and so different in our paths that its hard for us to organize. Lets do it!


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