Is home schooling in the US just for the conspiracy theorists and religious zealots and cult  members or are there other reasons people embrace this method for educating, some might say indoctrinating their children.

The reason I ask is this piece from Right Wing Watch.

This is only the first couple of paragraphs, Gunn goes much further linking public schools to the Hitler youth movement in pre war Germany.

Homeschooling advocate Colin Gunn is unrelenting in his attacks on the public school system in his documentary, “IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in A...,” which seeks to end the teaching of evolution and eradicate the “sinful” and secular public school system that he says subjects children to the philosophies of gays, progressives, and abortion rights activists.

In an interview with Voice of Christian Youth America’s Vic Eliason on Crosstalk, Gunn asserts that even the school bus is emblematic of the United States’ “totalitarian education system.”

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My wife and I homeschool our children for academic reasons.  As an added bonus, our children don't carry anywhere near as much anger as Tracy and I did from school.  I doubt that any of them will even bother with identifying themselves as atheist.  Religion just doesn't matter to them.

I do understand that a large portion of homeschoolers do so for religious reasons.  I personally believe that a parent should be be able to raise their children in any way they see fit.  (even if it is damaging to that child)  I would not encourage harming one's offspring.  I personally think it is short-sighted and goes counter to a goal of continued genetic existence.  But allowing this freedom does promote some measure of diversity which is crucial for the existence of humanity through changing environments.  (nothing ever stays the same) 

Thanks everyone for your insights, Colin Gunn is obviously a crazy extremist who's ability for rational thought has been hijacked by religion.

My apologies Terry! a nutjob like Gunn deserves no excuses.

ever since... nixon I tell u what~

At one time I lived with a married couple that had five children.

The school district they were enrolled in, in violation of law, put mandatory Bible study in play. Their parents immediately withdrew them from the school; they did not have the money to bring a lawsuit.

It was over two years before anyone had the cajones and money to challenge the school district, at which time they withdrew the Bible study class.

In that two years, I helped them homeschool their children. The eldest went on to the state university with a fully-funded scholarship. Homeschooling was a defense against subversion of the education system and Constitution by the tyrannical Christian majority.


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