I knew it!  There is a family of home-schooled kids down the street; all are blue-eye blonds and there are about a half-dozen in all, girls and boys.  They are very insular. Home schooling can be the worst form of child abuse. In most cases, they are one part education to nine parts dogmatic indoctrination into fantasies about gods and demons.  Many of these children are like Siddhartha before he left the Palace and discovered that all people grow old and die, all suffer, all despair.  Thrust into the real world, such children will have great difficulty coping, much less having empathy, with different other people.  Statistics suggest that one of the brood will be lesbian, gay, bi, or trans, and their lifetime will be wasted in guilt, denial, deceit, and ambivalence.  About the only difference between this type parent and Warren Jeffs is that nobody around here suspects the dad of porking his own daughters...yet.

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